10 Best MailChimp Alternatives For Email Marketers 2020

Mailchimp Alternatives

Best MailChimp Alternatives For Email Marketers and Small Businesses in  2020

Mailchimp alternatives 2019

If we talk about email marketing tools or autoresponders MailChimp is considered as the best autoresponder but still, it lacks some features which are crucial for any business. In order to help you, I have created a list of best MailChimp alternatives after doing comprehensive research and consideration.

if you do not want to read this article through, Here is the brief summary of those Mailchimp alternatives 

1: ActiveCamapaign
2: Getresponse
3: Convertkit
4: Aweber
5: Drip
6: Constant Contact
7: Mailerlite
8: Sendinblue
9: Sendlane
10: iContact

Each of these MailChimp alternatives has something unique to offer but it depends on you and your requirements which suits you the best.

 Every online business needs Email Marketing tools to capture leads and promote their products and services. According to a Study, Email Marketing can increase 30%-40% of your Total revenue. That is the reason online businesses use different email marketing tools to fulfill their needs and run their campaigns.

Whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur,  B2B or B2C company owner you may know the importance of email marketing. It is the most important part of any successful business. If you are not capturing or sending emails you are missing a lot of customers who are hungry to buy your service or product.


1: ActiveCampaign

mailchimp alternatives

Activecampaign is one of the best Mailchimp alternatives it can be used by Bloggers, Agencies, eCommerce and many more. It has all the features and tools to run your email marketing successfully. Activecampaign can help you to achieve better results with its best quality features and top-notch customer support.

Activecampaign Features

Activecampaign is loaded with a lot of features which can surely boost your email marketing success.

Automation: This is one of the best and powerful features of the Activecampaign which makes it on the top of all the other autoresponders. Segmentation can help you to send the exact information your contacts want to see. You can target your contact based on their activity like purchase, email open, Clicking on the link.

Whenever your contacts do any activity like opening email or clicking on the link Activecampaign will automatically give them 10 points. Contacts with 100 points will be considered as the highly engaged contacts. This way you can improve your targeting and engage with your connection to grow your business.

It can also be integrated with Shopify cart to send follow up emails to those who have abandoned your cart.

Drag and Drop Email Builder: It had a drag and drop email builder so that you could create beautiful email campaigns for your contacts.

Site Tracking: Its site tracking feature will let you know what services, products and offers your visitors are interested. Activecampaign will automatically track their activity and send them follow up emails based on their interest.

Drag and Drop Sequence Builder: You have don’t have to be tech-savvy to create automation for your email sequence. You can do it easily with its drag and drop sequence builder.  

Subscription form: You can create 4 types of subscription forms, inline forms, Floating box, Modal Popup, Floating bar. All these forms are easy to customize to match your brand. In each of these forms, you can add tags to track the leads and segment the contacts.

Split Testing: Best feature for optimizing your campaigns and contacts for better results to grow your business.

Activecampaign CRM: Another best thing about the activecampaign is its CRM functionality which can help you to manage your team, task, contacts and leads at one central dashboard. It will facilitate you with all the features a powerful CRM must-have. You can connect your CRM with your favorite email providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. It also comes up with an app to make calls, manage contacts and close the deals. There are so many other features of the Activecampaign CRM which can make your work easy and faster.

Messaging: Activecampaign offers multiple ways to reach your audience just like email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook custom audience, and site messages.

Integration: Activecampaign can be integrated with WordPress, Shopify, Clickfunnels, Zapier, Leadpages, and 250+ other apps to make your marketing efforts easy.

Activecampaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign costs

$9/month for 500 contacts

$17/month for 1000 contacts

$39/month for 2500 contacts

 ==> Get ActiveCampaign 14 Days Free Trial <==

2:  Getresponse

Getresponse is one of the awesome and my favorite Mailchimp alternatives as I am using it personally. Its tools are designed to maximize your sales and increase ROI. It is packed with tons of tools and features to help you to run your business successfully and grow your revenue day by day.


Create beautiful Campaigns: You can create a new design from scratch by using its drag and drop builder or you can choose premade email templates to run your campaigns successfully. It is very easy to start working with getresponse even if you are new you can manage it easily.

Email Workflows and Sequences: It has a visual builder to create email sequences and workflows which makes your marketing efforts easy and fast. You can also see subscribers’ behavior in real-time and add conditions.actions based on user activity.

Landing Pages: Another awesome feature of the getresponse is the landing page builder. It has 150+  100% response, visually appealing and conversion-focused landing pages which you can use and customize it as per your requirements. It contains, Sales Pages, Optin pages, webinar pages, Thank You pages and many more.

Webinars: Webinars are the best way to engage with your contacts getresponse provides completes the solution for your webinar marketing. This will not only help you to get new leads but also start turning your existing subscribers into repeat customers.

CRM: Another cool feature of this MailChimp alternative is CRM. With the help of getresponse CRMs, you can add lead scoring, status, notes, tasks, stages, and meetings. This is not powerful just like other dedicated CRM’s but still, it is useful for small and large businesses.

eCommerce: Getresponse provides a complete marketing solution for your eCommerce website. It has a built-in product recommendation feature which makes it easy for you to upsell, abandoned cart reminders, and other e-commerce features like data segmentation.

Integration: Getresponse can be integrated with a variety of apps like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Shopify, and many other 125+ apps.

Getresponse Pricing

Getresponse comes up with the following Pricing Plans.

1000 Contacts – $15/month

5000 Contacts – $49/month

10000 Contacts – $165/month

100000+ Contacts – $1,199/month

==> Try Getresponse 30 Days Free Trial <==


3: Convertkit

Convertkit is one of the best MailChimp alternatives for bloggers and creators. It is specifically designed and developed for the Bloggers and creators so that they could send valuable information to their subscribers. Convertkit is a new autoresponder in the market but has got so much popularity due to its advanced functionality and easy to use features.


Forms: It has a drag and drop builder to create forms for your website, you can create 3 types of forms, Inline, Popup and slide-ins. You can use different ways to embed it in your websites like HTML/Javascript or zapier.

Landing Pages: Easy to use and drag and drop landing page builder lets you build visually appealing and professional pages that convert. You can host landing pages on the convertkit or in the WordPress using convertkit plugin.

Sequence Builder: It has a visual sequence builder to create automation for your campaigns. One thing I love about the convertkit sequence is you can see each step progress report. You can edit, optimize each step and scale your business to the next level.

Automation: Convertkit automation works with three cool features: Actions, Events, and conditions. This can help you to create a very easy and highly customizable subscriber’s journey.

Tagging and Segmentation: You can organize your list and subscriber with tags and segmentation. This will also help you to send the right thing to the right person and engage with your contacts to make them repeat customers.

Integration: Convertkit can be integrated with WordPress, Shopify, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, instapages and many other 88 apps.

Convertkit Pricing

Converkit comes up with following Pricing Plans:

1000 Contacts – $29/month

3000 Contacts –  $49/month

5000 Contacts – $79/Month

==> Get Convertkit 14 Days Free Trial <==

4:  Aweber

Aweber is the most famous and one of the old autoresponder and Mailchimp alternatives in the market. It is being used by more than 1 million small businesses. Aweber got you everything from 700 free templates to stock images for running your email marketing successfully.


Signup Forms: It is loaded with tons of forms. Aweber has an easy to use sign up form designer which can help you to customize your form to match your branding.

Segmenting and Tagging: Awesome feature for your list and contacts to target the right contact at the right time. This feature will definitely increase engagement and conversions. This will also help you to know your contacts better for better conversion.

Sequence Builder: Just like other platforms it also allows us to build workflow of emails to make sure everything is in the line.

Email Templates: It contains more than 700 ready to use templates to make your emails great looking. A good looking email put a very good impression on your list.

Drag and Editor: It has a drag and drop builder to create beautiful email campaigns.

Mobile app: Aweber facilitates its user with a mobile app so that you could manage and see the analytics from your mobile easily.

Analytics: It provides a complete report for all the campaigns from open rates to clicks and conversions.

Integration: Aweber can be integrated with WordPress, Shopify, clickfunnels leadpages and many other hundreds of Apps.

Aweber Pricing

Aweber comes up with following pricing Plans

0–500                Contacts – $19/mo

501–2,500         Contacts – $29/mo

2,501–5,000      Contacts – $49/mo

5,001–10,000    Contacts – $69/mo

10,001–25,000  Contacts – $149/mo

==> Get Aweber 30 Days Free Trial <==

5: Drip

Drip is considered as the best MailChimp alternatives for eCommerce Business. They have ECRM it means you can manage your contacts, Leads easily and sell like a human to human. You can personalize your emails and campaigns to the next level due to its next level of technology. It has all the advanced features which MailChimp lacks like Tagging, Segmenting, and workflows.


Tracking: Track each and every action of your customers and engage with them to make them your loyal customers. You can add tags, custom fields to track the events of your customers and know what really they need. They have a lead scoring feature like for each action ( the action could email open, Clicking on the link, First purchase, second purchase) you can give them points and these lead scoring points will enable you to analyze your customers more closely.

Email Builders: Sometimes you need to send the text email and sometimes you tell the whole story to your contacts for making them purchase your products. This is what drip is specialized in, You can send both text and story-based emails and its email builder will help you to turn your vision into reality.

Automation and Workflows: One of the best features of the drip is they have high converting ready-made workflows built for your business. You just need to customize it a little bit to match your shop or business and it will start working for you. These workflows are for any business like

Welcome Series, Webinar Registration series, Abandoned Cart, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Coupon Welcome series, Schedule Consultation Calls and many other workflows to make your work easy.

Personalization: Whenever you send emails to your contacts they will feel like you are actually talking to them it is not generic this will definitely increase your conversion rate. If you are providing different services or you have different products in your shop so how would you know which contact needs a particular service or products. Every person has different needs and interest so this is where the drip is very handy to personalize your emails and send it to the right contact at the right time.

Integration: Just all the other autoresponse Drip can be integrated with more than 100 apps which includes website builder, landing page builder, forms builder, and many others.

Drip Pricing

Drip comes up with the Following plans.

$49/month – 2500 Contacts

$122/month – 5000 Contacts

==> Get Drip 14 Days Free Trial <==

6: Constant Contact

milchimp alternatives

You might have heard of constant contact as the company is very old and operating since 1995. One of the best things about constant contact is their delivery rate which is higher than any other company. It has a lot of essential features from Creating beautiful campaigns to setting up workflows that convert and very easy to use.

Templates: Constant contact comes up with hundreds of email templates that are categorized so that You don’t have to find the one you need for your campaigns. You can also create a design from scratch by using its comprehensive drag and drop tool.

Forms and Landing Pages: You can create visually appealing and professional Forms and landing pages using its drag and drop editor. It also has tons of templates to choose from.

Automation: Constant Contact also supports automated workflows but it is very limited. You can use this workflow only with Shopify. As you know the most important feature of any autoresponder is the workflow sequence which makes it easy and high converting but here we can only use it for Shopify.

Analytics and Reporting: one of the best things about constant contact is its comprehensive reporting and analytics. At the start, it will be very hard to digest an ad but as soon as you get to know, It will be very easy for you to manage and see very useful information.

Tagging and segmenting: You can do tagging and segmentation inside your forms and campaigns to increase engagement.

Integration: Contact contact can be integrated with more 400 apps, which is really huge than any other MailChimp alternatives.

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact Comes up with the following pricing Plans

500 Contacts – $20/month

2500 Contacts – $45/month

5000 Contacts – $65/month

10000 Contacts – $95/month

==> Get Constant Contact Special Pricing <==

7: Mailerlite

Mailerlite is one of the most affordable MailChimp alternatives and packed with all the features and functionality you need to scale your business. They have the best support whenever you need help just go the chat option and talk to the expert and your problem will be solved in no time. It is loaded with tons of features to make your marketing efforts fast and easy.

Drag and Drop Builder: Build your email newsletter with drag and drop editor, this is the most advanced editor than any other Mailchimp alternatives I have mentioned. It contains block elements which you can just and drop and customize it as per your requirements. This makes the flow of work easy and fast. There is a lot of other feature of this editor I would like to mention.

  1. You can connect your products directly from your store to your newsletter and highlight them as well
  2. Personalize and show dynamic content in the newsletter like you can hide or show the specific section in the newsletter to the targeted users.  
  3. Integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts into your newsletter
  4. You can create a responsive newsletter for better conversion.
  5. It contains tons of free templates for your newsletter

Forms and Landing Pages: Landing page, Popups and Embedded forms can help you to grow your list faster.

  • It contains free landing page templates which you can edit and customize as per your requirements. It also has the drag and drop builder which contains comprehensive tools to help you to build your landing page from scratch. You can also connect your domain to personalize it further. Mailerlite also facilitates with SEO tools to make your landing pages Seo Friendly.
  • Mailerlitel contains 4 different types of popup forms like Features, Floating bar, Slidebox, and Fullscreen. Just like landing page you can create and customize it to match your brand by using drag and drop builder.
  • You can also create embed forms to embed into your website pages to get more leads and increase your revenue.

Email Automation: In order to succeed in email marketing email automation is the must-have feature. It has a simple but powerful editor to create simple and complex email flows within no time. You can add conditions, actions on each step of your flow. You can also add segmentation and tagging to engage with your contacts further and increase your revenue.

Track Your Result: Track your result by using Mailerlite comprehensive analytic tool to make decisions effectively.

Integration: It can be integrated with Forms, Landing page builder, website Builder, CRM’s and many other 70+ apps.

Mailerlite Pricing

Here are the pricing plans for the Mailerlite

1000 Contacts – Free ( limited Features)

1000 Contacts – $10/month ( All the features)

2500 Contacts – $15/month ( All the features)

5000 Contacts – $30/month ( All the features)

10000 Contacts – $50/month ( All the features)

==> Sign Up free on Mailerlite for 1000 Subscribers 

8: Sendinblue

Sendinblue is considered as the all in one marketing tool for your business, You can not only do Email Marketing but also SMS marketing to scale your business to the next level. Its interface is built for everyone it means no matter whether you are an expert or a new beginner you can use it easily. This also the best MailChimp alternatives. Its features make it unique and the best marketing tool.


Newsletter Creation: Thanks to the easy to use and drag and drop builder of the Sendinblue which can help you to create visually appealing and professional Email newsletters. It also comes up with plenty of free templates to choose from and customize them as per your use.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to create a newsletter for you. Its drag and drop builder contains tons of premade blocks which makes it easy for anyone. You just need to play with these options for some time to become an expert.

You can also personalize your email to increase your open rate. It can be done by adding attributes. Personalization also helps you to send a different email to the different contacts based on their activity, gender, location and lot of other factors.

Build Target Audience: Build your target audience your forms by adding different fields, Tags, Create survey forms, and also donation forms with Sendinblue. Personalize it further by creating single, double opt-in and confirmation emails.

Add tags to builder a highly targeted audience and increase your engagement. The lead scoring feature can also help you to Create targeted contacts and build your business to the next level.

Automation and Workflows: Automate your email marketing efforts by using premade workflows layout or create one from scratch. This automation works on the specific action of the user and that could be Abandoned cart, reminders, coupon codes, Birthday Gifts.

A/B testing helps you to test your workflow before you bring them to life this will help you to analyze your workflow deeply and make it work correctly.

Target your audience with accuracy, You can segment and target your audience based on their Date of birth, Location, Gender, and their activity. This is going to be a win-win situation.

Time optimization: Sendinblue machine learning and artificial intelligence will analyze the time where you have got the maximum open rate and conversion. After that, you just need to leave the Sendinblue to work on its own. It will send emails to your list at the peak time to get maximum CTR.

SMS Marketing: This is the unique feature of the Sendinblue. You can send promotional and transactional SMS to your target audience. SMS marketing is not limited to a specific country but you can send it to almost all the countries in the world. This will definitely increase your conversion rate and increase your revenue.

Integration: Sedinblue can be integrated with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Zapier and 50+ other apps.

Sendinblue Pricing

Unlimited Contact – Free – You can 300 emails/month

Unlimited Contact – $25/month – You can 40000 emails/month

Unlimited Contact – $39/month – You can 60000 emails/month

Unlimited Contact – $66/month – You can 120000 emails/month

==> Get Sendinblue Free Today with unlimited Contact <==

9: Sendlane

mailchimp alternatives 2019

Sendlane is the new company and new MailChimp alternatives, It’s new but loaded with all the features you need for your marketing campaigns and you will not find these advanced features in the Mailchimp.  There are a lot of things you can do with sendlane by using its intelligence, Data-Driven, and personalized communication and scale your marketing efforts to the best level.


Emails and Newsletter: Create beautiful, responsive and visually appealing emails and newsletters that engage with users. You don’t need any technical skills to create your emails Thanks to the visual drag and drop builder of the sendlane to assist you to create professional emails. It contains more than 50 templates to be used for any emails and newsletter. You can add tags and create trigger automation

Customer journey: Now you can view each contact journey separately visually. Customers’ journey means how your contact has gone through your marketing funnels. You can see contact visits to your website, location, purchase history, device and much more.

List, Tags, and Triggers: With the help of sendlane you can manage and organize your list based on the triggers and tags this will help you to keep the track of your contacts easily and send them what they want to see.

With Triggers and tags, you can create a highly targeted audience and engage with them to maximize your revenue.

Automation and Workflows: Sendlane allows you to create behavior-based targeted automation and workflows based on the triggers, tags and the action of the contact. You can leverage the power of tags, segments, and actions to create professional marketing funnel and maximize your ROI.

Time Optimization: if you are beginners and just started email marketing journey than it would be difficult for you to choose the best time for sending emails but with sendlane machine learning your emails will be sent automatically at the time of the highest probability of engagement.  

Sendlane Pricing

Sendlane comes up with following pricing plans

1000 Profile – $18/month

2500 Profile – $36/month

5000 Profile – $66/month

10000 Profile – $104/month

==> Get 14 Days Free Trial of Sendlane <==

10: iContact

mailchimp alternatives

Last but not least MailChimp alternative in our list is iContact. It is the best MailChimp alternatives and loaded with a lot of useful features that you will not find in the MailChimp at a very low price. These features can surely boost your email marketing efforts. They are very well known due to their best support and comprehensive features for any small or large business.

Email Newsletter: its drag and drop editor will let you design very powerful and beautiful designs in just a few minutes. When you start using its builder you will feel like you are a designer as you just have to drag and drop the elements. It also comes up with more than 250 templates to be used and customize to fulfill your requirements.

Automation: In order to succeed in the email marketing business you must do something which no one is doing, Thanks to the top-notch technology of the iContact now you can focus on the other important tasks rather than doing the manual task. You can now reach your contacts with a more personalized message to increase the engagement. Your Subscriber will like you are directly talking to them. It has a drag and drops visual builder to create workflows and sequence so that you and your team could make the process fast and easy for your list.

Segmentation: iContact also allows the segmentation for better email marketing. Now you can send a specific message to the specific group of people based on specific conditions like their location, Activity on the internet, gender, language and much more.

A/B Testing: unlike other MailChimp alternatives here in the iContact there is the most advanced and different way of doing A/B testing. You just need to create different email campaigns and newsletters which may be different from products to colors and fonts. After that just starting sending your emails, iContact will automatically analyze which campaign is working best and automatically start sending the best one to all of your subscribers.

Landing Pages: You can also create responsively and eye-catchy landing pages using iContact. You can choose from the library or can design it from scratch.

iContact Pricing

iContact comes up with the following pricing Plans.

500 Contacts – $14/month

2500 Contacts – $32/month

5000 Contacts – $52/month

10000 Contacts – $79/month

==> Get 30 day Free Trial of iContact <==


Choosing the right tool for your email marketing campaign is really as you have to consider features and pricing. Each of these Mailchimp alternatives  I have mentioned has something unique and different to offer to run your business successfully but it all depends on you which tool fulfills your requirements.


Please let me know which MailChimp alternatives you have chosen.


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