Kartra Review – Features, Pricing and complete Walkthrough

Kartra Review

If you are starting an online business you need different tools and resources to make your online business successful.

For example, you need a website, Landing pages, Funnels, easy to use checkout pages, Email marketing tools, and a strong support system to make your online marketing campaigns effective and smooth.

But, here is the truth: to get all of these and your website live you need a lot of money. You have to pay the developer, writer, and designer to create everything for you so that you could run your business online.

What if you could get all of these tools and resources at one place and yes without touching a line of code?

It seems like a dream but it is possible with Kartra and this is what we are going to discuss in this Kartra review. How this system can help you in creating solid marketing campaigns for your business.

You don’t have to buy any hosting, Themes, plugins, Hire a developer, and a Copywriter. Everything you need is already available for you in Kartra, you just need to edit it, customize it, and start running your business.

Now you might be thinking it is going to cost you a lot as kartra have everything you need But there is good news for you, you can have all of these tools at very reasonable pricing. We will discuss pricing briefly later in this Kartra Review guide. You can also read complete kartra pricing plans breakdown here

What is Kartra

Before we dive into kartra review, let’s discuss what kartra is, and how effective it is, and how it can help you to achieve your goals.

As I have already mentioned its a complete marketing automation system helping to run and execute your online business without worrying about the technical aspects.

Kartra was launched in 2018 by a company named GENESIS DIGITAL Who is also responsible for many top-class marketing tools like WebinarJam and Everwebinar.

Let me tell you a few problems and issues you might have faced during your online journey. Most of the people always start with WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace to create their website, landing pages, Membership website, Checkout, eCommerce, and many other functionalities you need to run a smooth business.

Now for example, if you have created a membership website on WordPress, You have to purchase hosting, themes and membership plugins and many other add-ons to make it work perfectly.

Here the actual game begins. Sometimes membership plugins don’t work with themes and addons, you have to contact the different support to solve your problem. Anyone who has purchased the membership is not being listed in your email list, you are unable to see the history of your user, you can’t provide the proper support.

Apart from that you also have to hire a developer and designer to create a website for you and that’s the extra cost.

Seems like a frustrating task, Waste of money, time and energy

But when it comes to kartra each feature is connected with each other, according to kartra They Talk to each other for example, if someone made a purchase on your website they will automatically be added into your email list with different tags and triggers.

And if you are facing any problem or issue with any area of the Kartra you don’t have to contact the different support to solve your problem. You just need to contact one team all the time and they are always available to help you.

No matter, if you are a newbie who is just starting out or pro marketer Kartra is equally beneficial for both of them.

If you are a new user you will love the premade templates, funnels with drag and drop builder to make your learning experience smooth and easy.

You don’t have to pay heavy fees to the developer, designer, copywriter, and consultants. Kartra programmers have done all the heavy lifting for you. You just need to go in and start customizing the templates as per your needs, branding, and colors.

If you are a pro internet marketer and looking for a strong system that can help you to create a smooth and solid marketing campaign to get more sales and leads, Welcome to the kartra.

Kartra Features

In this kartra Review will talk about all the features of kartra. It is fully loaded with a plethora of features and to assist in creating a robust and complex marketing campaign for your Business.

Kartra Pages

Kartra pages let you create and design visually appealing, professional, responsive, and highly conversion-focused pages in no time and without touching the single line of code.

What if I say you can have your page ready in the next 5 minutes using kartra? It seems like a joke but Yes, you heard it right. Kartra has more than 500 ready-made templates that you can use and customize them as per your requirements.

These templates are not just created by the bunch of developers and designers who don’t have any experience in marketing. Instead, these are designed and approved by top industry marketers who have used them in their own campaign with a proven track record. So you are going to get the best out of the money you have paid to the kartra.

But if you are interested in creating the pages instead of using ready-made templates, no problem, you can start creating from scratch using the blank canvas or pages.

Creating and customizing pages is super easy because of the kartra visual page builder. Creating pages from scratch is so easy with a kartra builder that even a 10 years old boy can do the job. You just need to know how to use the mouse in order to drag and drop the elements.

Kartra Pages has lots of features which you can utilize to create a conversion-oriented website and landing pages

Kartra Page Builder
Kartra page builder is itself a complete solution to create stunning pages of your choice in no time. Each element of the page builder contains hundreds of ready-made collections that you can exploit and transform your dream page into reality.

Kartra Templates
We have already discussed the templates, Kartra has hundreds of templates which you can put together if you don’t want to design and create them. Kartra templates are organized into different categories Like Sales page, Product page, Launch pages, opt-in pages, Thank you Pages, landing pages, checkout pages and Thank you pages making it easy for you to choose and edit.

Popups are a great way to get user attention and make them the purchase/opt-in and get a higher conversion for your website. You can create different types of popups on your website or pages using kartra for example

  • Landing or Welcome popup
  • Exit popup
  • Checkout popup
  • Info popup
  • Lead capture
  • Video popup

Create your own website
You are not just limited to creating landing pages and sales pages you can also create fully functional websites for your business. From creating Global footer and header to adding tracking codes and making your website SEO friendly kartra got your back.

Responsive Pages
More than 80% of internet users use their mobile to find and browse the information and products they need. When you create pages on kartra your pages will become responsive automatically but you can still work on the mobile version of your pages to make it further responsive and edit the mobile version of the website to display and hide anything at your will.

Kartra Checkout

No matter how much you have invested on your website to make it look beautiful and stunning, if your customers are abandoning the cart and leaving your website it’s all waste. According to research, about 60%-80% of the people abandoned the cart if the checkout page is causing a problem.

For example, they have to follow many steps in order to purchase the products. They have to fill the information again and again because your checkout page is not proceeding to payment. No SSL certificate and lots of other factors involved in an abandoned cart.

If you are the one who is facing the same problem and looking for something reliable and powerful we welcome you the kartra. By using kartra robust checkout features you can increase your conversion and sales to the next level.

There is no limit while selling on kartra, you can sell as many products as you want. You can sell physical, digital, membership, and training courses without any restrictions.

Here are the following checkout features to make your life easier.

Multiple-way to pay:
You can set up multiple pricing for your products and services. For example, you can ask them to pay you a one-time fee of $100 or you can set up a payment plan to pay $40/month for the next 3 months. You can also offer a 7 days free trial for $1 or create a system to pay a $300 setup fee and follow $50/month for the first year.

Checkout Pages
The main focus of the kartra checkout pages is to make the buying process easy and simple for your users.
Kartra has dozens of ready-made checkouts which you can utilize and customize as per your branding and colors. These pages are approved by industry experts and can give you higher conversion than any other normal pages.

You can create a single-step form or multiple-step checkout form based on your requirements. They are 100% optimized for all the devices and fully secure.

Tagging and user management
You can tag users based on their behavior or activity. For example if they have purchased the products you can add them into the purchased tag and send them a sequence email based on their interest.

Most of the people don’t make a purchase on their first visit, there might be several reasons they want to know more about the products, want to see a review first before they purchase or they don’t have a credit card right now.

That is where the kartra abandoned cart tagging system will assist you. Anyone who has left the cart and has not purchased the products and services you are offering kartra will tag them automatically and send the follow-up email to remind them about your product.

Just imagine the possibilities of how many customers will return and buy your product, it is a totally win-win system.

In order to make your user happy you can edit the subscription and offer them a discount also you can extend the subscription if they are unable to pay right away. This way you will never lose your good customer.

Upsells, Downsells, cross-sales, and bumps
Offering Upsells, Downsells, cross-sales, and bumps have never been easier. But kartra has not just made it easier but also more functional to get maximum out of your products.

If your customer is buying the product you can offer them another product of more value at the checkout page automatically. If somehow a customer is not willing to buy the product you can offer them another entry product with low pricing.

You can also set up automated email sequence of different products if they have already purchased one of your products

Tracking and Shipping
Kartra has a comprehensive system to track each and every penny spent on your website. You can see all the stats regarding sales, cancellation, refunds, and make better plans to sell more.

You can also see lifetime customer value, like how much they have paid until now this allows you to know the worth of the clients so that you could offer more advanced products and services to them.

If you are selling physical products you can set up a shipping fee of different countries and locations. Kartra checkout automatically fetches the user location and displays shipping fees based on their location.

Kartra Checkout

Kartra Leads

What if you need the complete history of your customers? How they landed, what they have purchased, what membership they are subscribed to, how many emails are sent to them, how many they have opened, what links they have clicked, what support tickets they have opened.

It seems like a great idea as it can help you to utilize that information more effectively and get more out or your potential clients.

Kartra lead is a system that allows you to know the lifetime value of your customers and the actions they have taken so far.

You can tag your leads based on the action they have taken, for example, free members, paid customers, repeat customers, subscribe to the membership. Now you can send them email based on their tags to increase your engagement.

You can also score them based on the activity. For example if they have purchased your services you can give them 10 points, and 5 points for other addons they have purchased. Now the customer with the most points is more valuable and you can put them into VIP tags and send them exclusive and special offers.

Also if you are working with any other platform to collect your email and thinking to switch to Kartra after reading this kartra review guide No Problem. You can import your whole list with all tags and kartra will take care of the rest.

Kartra Email System

No need to buy any third-party email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Aweber, getresponse because kartra have the same but powerful email marketing system for your email campaigns.
Kartra mail system is very robust in features that allows you to automate your system based on user activity and behavior. For example, you can send follow up emails if they have not opened the previous one, Tag them if they have purchased the products or abandoned the cart, unsubscribe them if they are ignoring your email for 30 days.

You can also split test your email, for example you can create 3-4 different headlines of your email campaign. Now kartra will analyze which headline is working best and it will automatically assign the converting headline.

Its drag and drop email builder allows you to create and build responsive and conversion-focused emails. Its email builder has lots of building components Like Sections, Timers, testimonials, and content blocks to create stunning emails. You can also utilize the templates and customize them as per your requirements.

Sending a personalized message will definitely increase your conversion and engagement with the subscriber. You can use different Tags for the {name}, {join_date}, {location}, and kartra will automatically fetch the user information and display them in your email based on tags and your email will look like a personal email.

Kartra sequence builder has its own level of automation, you don’t need a Virtual assistant or automation expert to send email to your subscribers. With a kartra sequence builder you need to set up it once and it will work for you 24/7.

You can also track your email progress for example open clicks rate, how many unsubscribes, at what time you got the maximum open rate, and how much money you have generated from your specific email.

Kartra EMail

Sales Funnels and Campaigns

From the start, funnels are considered as the best way to get more sales and leads. The importance of funnels can never be ignored.

Taking the importance of funnels into account, Kartra also has created a world-class, fully loaded funnel building system to automate your marketing efforts.

From creating a simple opt-in funnel to creating a most advanced funnel kartra got your back.

In kartra, you can also find tons of ready-made funnels ready to use, created by top internet markets. Now you can set up your funnels in minutes.

Just like I have explained earlier you can design and create your pages without worrying about the technical difficulties. You can also take advantage of ready-made templates that are available at your disposal.

Kartra funnel sequence builder lets you create the most advanced and complex funnel, helping you to convert your funnel into a money-making machine.

You can also integrate email campaigns on your funnel and IF, THEN rules allow you to put your email sequence on automation.

Kartra Membership Websites

If you are selling a single product or service it will bring you income only once but if you have a membership website it can help you to bring recurring income every month. Membership websites are a great source of earning passive income by just sharing your knowledge or content.

But creating a fully functional membership website with robust features is really hard as you need a lot of tools and addons to work together in order to give you a proper functioning membership website. Buying each tool, addons, and development phase can cost you thousands.

To deal with this matter kartra have introduced new and fully functional membership features which allows you to create and build efficient and solid membership websites.

Kartra is equally beneficial whether you are pro or newbier because its drag and drop interface and Visual builder allows you to create engaging and stunning membership websites.

To make the process further easier and smooth for you, you can also take advantage of the ready made templates specifically for membership websites and get your website ready quickly.

Want to create different levels and different pricing for each level? No big deal with kartra. Now instead of stressing about creating and setting up your membership level and tier you can focus on creating content for each level.

You can upload your course in membership websites as well and organize it into different categories and subcategories making it easier for you customers to navigate to their favourite topic and leave the spoiler.

In Kartra you upload your content in any format like, audio, video, text, pdf, podcast and make it available to your customers. You can resprest your all content at once or you can drip feed the content slowly over the time.
Kartra Membership progress bar helps you to see how much content and course the members have watched and what is left. This is really useful. You can send them a certificate and also a congratulation message when they complete the training.

Kartra membership comments system enables you to talk to your customers and solve their problem which will improve engagement and trust. You can also add your staff members to deal with the customers queries.

Multi membership sites are a great way to showcase your different membership websites or products to your customers. Instead of having many membership websites you can put all of them at one place. Your customers will also be able to see all your membership courses or training this will increase the chances of selling more products.

Kartra membership analytics are effective to know deeply about your members. You can see their retention period of subscription, How many people are active at a time, how they are performing, what stages they have completed so far, how many subscribed and unsubscribed. This will help you to make smart decisions regarding your membership website content and promotion strategy.

Kartra Memberships

Kartra Video

Video marketing is made easy with kartra because kartra have everything you need for your effective video marketing. Video marketing is a great way to get more engagements, leads and sales. To make your video marketing more powerful kartra has introduced the Video features which will put your video marketing on fire.

Its controls allow you to configure and control various settings with on and off buttons. For example Video Autoplay when page load, mute video when start, hide video control setting for users, custom thumbnail, social share buttons, next video autoplay, and changing the look of the player with your own branding and colors.

You can add watermark on your videos without going through the video editing process. This will save a lot of your time and money.

Kartra also allows you to embed your video anywhere you want just like youtube videos. Your video will be 100% responsive to all the devices.

Tagging system in kartra is one of the most persuasive systems that enable you to track progress of your lead and make a better action plan. You can tag your leads based on their interaction with your video.
You can tag them if they have watched 50% of your video, if someone did not watch your video you can give them a second chance by sending them remider, you can send them a custom congratulation message if they have watched the whole video. You can show optin popup, checkout form and social share button after a certain amount of time, Just imagine the possibilities here.

If you are the one who is providing training courses, and solutions to any specific problem your customers are facing you may need multiple videos as covering everything in one lesson is not possible. You can create the playlist of your course to cover the whole topic.

Kartra Video stats are a complete solution for you to make better content and get more conversion. In Video analytics you can see how many people have watched the video, Where people left, how many took action through your call to action form, button and checkout.

Kartra Helpdesk

If your customer support is not good enough you are likely to lose your customer sooner or later. To make sure you have good support system kartra have introduced Helpdesk feature which we are going to discuss in this Kartra Review.

Ticketing System
You can categorize your ticketing system into different departments like ( Sales, Support, Technical and billing support) Now when someone creates the ticket it will automatically notify the relevant department.

To make the process further easy you can see the customer’s entire history like billing period, tickets, subscription and much more. This way you can solve their problem in no time. Instead of copying and pasting the same replies kartra will automatically save the most frequent replies for you so that you could answer instantly.

Live chat
Live makes your customers more comfortable while buying your products and services and they feel very close to you. Kartra Live chat option helps you to be available all the time even if you are offline providing a better experience to your customers. If you are receiving multiple queries you can invite the other agent to assist you.

You can also download the complete chat history and it will be saved in Kartra cloud database which can help you in Quality control.

The beauty of kartra lies in its analytic system, we have already discussed many analytics features of kartra in this kartra review guide, let’s breakdown this helpdesk analytic features and see how it can help you.

  • Helpdesk analytics will show what are the peak hours where you receive the most queries. You can prepare prepare your team to be available ahead of schedule
  • You can track how much time your staff is taking to respond to the queries
  • Your audience might have an opinion about your support and they want to share No Problem! you can let them share and know more about customer satisfaction
  • The wiki features allows you to know what question or queries are being search more so that you could create the content accordingly

Kartra Calendars

Kartra recently launched a new feature called kartra calendars which allows you to create a fully functional appointment system.

Kartra innovative technology works in real time, it prevents any duplicate slot booking. For example if someone has already booked the slot, no other users will be able to book it again.

You can customize the look and feel of the calendar and brand it with your own logos and colors with just a few clicks of buttons.

You can control all of your appointments, coaches through a single panel. You can also view the complete clients history for example previous purchases and the tags. You can cancel or approve the appointment and clients will be notified automatically. You will also be kept updated whenever you get a new appointment.

There are lots of kartra calendar features which can make your appointment much easier to manage.

  • You can host unlimited coaches or trainer for different classes and sessions
  • You can pick your own hour and dates availability
  • You can create recurring booking sessions
  • Prevent last minute booking
  • Sync with your google calendars
  • You and your clients both of them will get registration confirmation emails
  • Setup reminders, cancellation and reschedule reminders
  • Make your appointments free and paid

All in all kartra calendar is complete solution for appoint bookings, scheduling and getting paid.

Kartra Forms

We have already discussed the kartra premade templates in this kartra review guide to create pages and websites. Just like other templates kartra also have highly conversion oriented forms templates that you can use to get higher conversions.

There is no need to hire a designer to help you to create the forms, kartra have 50+ ready made forms templates which are customizable to match your branding and colors.

Filling the forms again and again can be frustrating so kartra remembers your clients and autofills the form for them which results in more leads.

You can add as many fields as you want for example, text field, dropdown, checkbox, message box, dates and whatever you need.

Another good thing about kartra is you can embed your form anywhere, for example you can create the form on kartra and embed it in wordpress.

You can also make your form single opt in or double opt in for another level of confirmation. Kartra also automatically adds the tags based on the information they have submitted through the form.

Kartra Affiliate

What if the thousands of affiliates start to promote your products and services? You will get more sales and make more money.

Kartra has the most advanced affiliate system which allows you to create an army of affiliates to promote and recommend your product.

Here the following features

  • Setup commissions based on your product pricing
  • Create gorgeous and highly conversion focused landing pages for your affiliate you can also create different affiliate links for different pages promoting the single product
  • Setup payment milestone to withdraw
  • Complete process of reviewing and approving affiliates to promote your product
  • Setup multiple commision tiers
  • User paypal as payment gateway to pay your affiliate

Kartra affiliate is a complete solution for creating an affiliate system of your products and services.

Kartra Integration

Kartra is working very hard to make sure your can use your favourite tool with kartra to make your marketing campaign more effective

Kartra can be integrated with following tools

  1. Payment Gateways: You can integrate top payment gateways Like paypal, stripe, Authorize.net and braintree
  2. Email Autoresponders: Email autoresponders like aweber, mailgun,sendgrid and many other
  3. SMS platforms: Kartra integrate with wilio, Plivo and Nexmo.
  4. Membership: kartra integrates seamlessly with top membership like kajabi, a2member, memberpress, optimizepress and digital access.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra have different four pricing pricing plans starting from $99/month – $499/month

  1. Starter $99/month: This plan includes
    1. 2500 leads
    2. 1 domain
    3. You can send 15000 email per month
    4. 100 pages and sell 20 products
    5. 50 GB Bandwidth
  2. Silver $199/month: This plan includes
    1. 12,500 leads or contacts
    2. 3 domains
    3. 125,000 email per month
    4. 125 GB bandwidth
    5. All the other things are unlimited to use
  3. Gold $299/month: This plan includes
    1. 25,000 leads
    2. 5 domain
    3. 250,000 email per month
    4. 250 GB bandwidth
    5. Unlimited usage of other features
  4. Platinum $499/month: This plan includes
    1. 50,000 leads
    2. 10 domains
    3. 500,000 emails per month
    4. 400 GB bandwidth
    5. Just like other plans unlimited usage of other features

    You can check the complete kartra pricing and plans breakdown here.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra Alternatives

Still not convinced after reading this kartra review guide and looking for alternatives to run your online business? We have listed here the top kartra alternatives in the marketing industry

kartra vs clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is one the best most old funnel creators in the industry. It can help you to create the most gorgeous and cutting edge funnels and pages using the premade templates or you can use create from scratch.

From creating a complete membership website to capturing leads, ending emails, and a complete affiliate system Clickfunnels has the answer for you. It has highly conversion focused one page checkout pages that can bring you conversion to the next level.

Clickfunnels also have huge community support and tutorials available all over the web to make your online journey more productive and easy.

Although clickfunnels are very robust in features, kartra have more features like Calendars, helpdesk, videos. But if you are just thinking about funnels and leads capturing system Clickfunnels is the way to go.

Kartra vs Builderall

Just like Kartra builderall is also a complete solution for your marketing needs. You can create stunning websites, landing pages, funnels, affiliate systems, email marketing campaigns, and much more with Builderall.

Even though it’s the complete solution but its interface is not as much appearing as the kartra. They need a lot of improvements in order to make their system more powerful and automated. and You can also read our complete builderall vs kartra review here to know more about their difference and similarities.
If you are looking for a cost effective kartra alternatives than builderall is your best bet.

Builderall vs kajabi

Kajabi is a perfect solution for creating courses and marketing them using the kajabi marketing system. You can create funnels, website checkout pages, Affiliate system, and Email marketing campaigns, in general it’s a complete solution for creating and selling your courses.

Kartra has all the features even more advanced than kajabi but kajabi is easier to use and newbie friendly you can read the complete kajabi review here. So if you are the one who dont mess with technical stuff, Kajabi is best for you.

Kartra Review – Conclusion summary

Hope you have enjoyed our kartra review guide and got your question answered. Karra is a complete solution for all marketing needs. You can say it is all one solution if you want to run an online business.

You can create your own website, Landing pages, funnels, Email marketing campaigns, helpdesk, affiliate system, forms, calendars, and automate the whole process with just a few clicks of buttons.

If you have purchased the kartra membership after reading our kartra review guide, let us know how it is helping you in the comments section.

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