Kajabi Review – Features, Pricing, and Complete Guide

Kajabi is All in one marketing platform which can help you to Create an Online Course, Website, Landing page, Email Marketing Campaigns, Track and manage lead/customers, and put your business on Automation.

They Say it replaces Top marketing Tools Like Clikfunnels, kartra, Thinkific, Teachable, Samcart, WordPress, Wix, Mailchimp without any coding or tech skills.

Kajabi is a features rich platform that can assist you to perform your all marketing efforts in one place without worrying about the technical aspects.

If you are the one who is thinking to switch to Kajabi and still confused, this in-depth Kajabi review will help you to know more about Kajabi, from Features to pros and cons. We will cover everything in this Kajabi Review.

Who Can use kajabi

It is a solution for everyone who wants to start his/her business and increase their revenue.

  • Beginner: If you are the one who doesn’t know how to code and doesn’t want to mess with technical elements Kajabi is for you. Kajabi is super user friendly. You can add/edit/create anything you want within no time.
  • Create and Sell Courses: Creating and selling your digital products has never been easier For example if you have used WordPress back in days you may know the cost, struggle to put everything in line. But With Kajabi you don’t have to go through a long development and integration process, everything you need is just a few clicks away.
  • Website: You can create your own website by using the Kajabi pre-made themes and customize as per your brand and colors to give it a personalized look. Again all can be done without touching the single line of code.
  • Funnels and landing page: You can easily create and build your marketing funnel without getting any 3rd party services. This will minimize your cost so if you are marketer Kajabi is the way you should go
  • Email Marketer: you might have used many other marketing Tools like mailchimp, Drip, getresponse and paid them heavy fees, But if you are using Kajabi you will get it free with your package and can set your email marketing campaigns on fire.

Kajabi Features

Let’s dive into Kajabi features and see what they have got and how it can be beneficial for your business. This kajabi review will help you to know in detail about kajabi and make a smart decission

Create and Sell your Course

Now you have your course created But creating an outline, chapters, an arrangement is one the daunting task but Kajabi made it simple and easy by creating ready-made templates.

If you have a course ready to upload just go the kajabi and than products and here you will see these options

  • Mini Course
  • Online Course
  • Evergreen Training
  • Membership
  • Community
  • Coaching
  • Start from scracth

Kajabi review

If you have a short course you can put it into the Mini-course section but here we are going to talk about the complete online course or training

As soon as you click on the generate in the Online course section a Popup will appear where you need to name your course and click save. Once you click save you will be presented with a ready-made template that you can edit as per your requirements. If you have ever tried any other way of creating a course section and outline you may know how tedious task it was.

But when it comes to Kajabi there is nothing complicated and no long process to upload and sell your course.

Now Let me explain the options you are seeing down below which are highlighted and how they can help you.

kajabi review and guide 2

First thing first In the edit detail option you can add the Title of the course, Description and upload a thumbnail about your course.

In the Customize option, you can Add colors, pages, Text, Images and personalize it for your branding and we will talk about it in detail later in this Kajabi Review Guide.

The next option is the product outline This will help you to arrange your course into different categories which I have highlighted down below

Let’s go further down

Click on edit and you will be redirected to the post or lesson editing page.

Here you can add the Title, Category, and the description of the lesson or post.
You can also add the Video lesson, thumbnail, and downloadable file

kajabi features

Now let’s talk about two more options which are very interesting and can automate your work.

Assessment: It allows you to know more about your audience and the problem they are facing. You can create a poll and survey about the lesson and track the progress of your students.

For example, if someone has completed the first lesson and they want to move towards the next lesson but before they move towards the next lesson they need to complete a survey/poll or answer the question based on that specific lesson.

They will not be able to unlock the next lesson until unless they complete the assignment.

Automation. Automate is a great way to segment your potential customers based on their answers or surveys they have completed.

You can send them a specific email depending on the assessment and assignment they have completed and can make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Apart from sending email based on students progress and activity you can automate the whole process of your email marketing. Kajabi has taken special attention to this feature and made it so powerful that it allows you to send laser targeted emails for better conversion and engagement.

To give you further insight about Email Marketing features we have explained it briefly down below in this Kajabi Review Guide.

Kartra Blog

If you are a blogger you are going to love the kajabi Blogging Features. You might have tried or worked in WordPress for blogging purposes. WordPress is Perfect when it comes to blogging but if you are not tech-savvy it will ruin your blogging journey.

You need to keep all the plugins and WordPress updated all the time and most of the time updates can break your website.

But With Kajabi there is nothing that can stop you from blogging because it has all the tools and resources you need to bring your blogging to the next level.

From adding images and any format of multimedia to creating long posts and making it SEO friendly with SEO Tools Kajabi got you covered. In order to make your blog more beautiful, you can utilize the different themes and give your blog a gorgeous look.

Build Beautiful website or your Brand

Build your own beautiful branded website to let people know and buy your products and services. Creating a website is one of the daunting tasks when you’re building it on any other platform. You have to purchase the Hosting, themes, and Hire a developer to build your website and later on you also have to hire someone to manage it whenever you need some updates on your website.

This can cost you thousands but the Kajabi process of creating a website is easy and simple as 123 and you are done.

You can choose themes that are better and perfect for your website, and start building your website. Now you might be thinking how would code it? Don’t worry Kajabi has built in drag and drop page builder which allows you to create a beautiful and engaging website.

Kajabi Page builder itself is a complete solution for creating your website without worrying about the theme. Its visual page builder where you just need to drag and drop anything in order to give your website a clean and professional look.

You can add a new section ( it has 40+ built in sections which you can utilize) , change colors, add new fonts and images and completely customize it as per your needs.

If you are thinking of selling physical products no Problem you can sell them and can start your dropshipping store. But Kajabi is specifically designed to sell digital products and selling physical products is a plus point.

Kajabi Membership Websites

Membership websites are a great way to earn decent and passive income in the long run. Membership websites can help you to build loyal customers who are always ready to purchase your products and services.

But creating a membership website is not easy as it looks you have to spend thousands of dollars to make it run smoothly. That is why most people don’t even try to create a membership website as it is very hard to create and manage and it seems like an impossible task.

But with Kajabi nothing is impossible. You can create your membership website in no time and make it functional by utilizing simple but powerful membership features.

Here are the following Kajabi membership website features

Drip Feed
Drip is the cool feature that allows you to release or update your content after a specific number of days This will make your students more and more engaged with your content and website.

Content Locking
You can lock your content based on user activity. For example, if they have completed a specific section of the course or lesson you can lock the next one with Quiz or assignment and as soon as they complete they will be able to see the next content.

This can help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your students and can upload the content according to their skills.


If you have ever used Facebook groups where people post questions or queries they have regarding the products and services they are using and people start to answer and engage with each other.

Just like Facebook groups you can create a community page on your website where people can post questions or queries about your specific product and help each other.

They will also be notified through email when an instructor or a teacher participates in the discussion.

This is a cool way to keep your audience engaged and help them whenever they face any problem.

Kajabi funnels or a Pipeline builder

You can create a powerful sales funnel by utilizing the Kajabi Pipeline features. Funnels are very useful if you want to get more sales and lead to your products and services.

Kajabi contains ready-made funnels you just need to select the one you need and edit it as per your needs and specification.

kajabi Pipeline

Let go further down and talk about one of the highly conversion-oriented products launch sales pipeline or funnel.

As soon you click on generate you will see a screen below, here you can customize and edit your funnel as per your requirements.

kajabi review - features

You can add more email sequences and add action based on user behaviors to make your marketing campaign more effective. You can easily edit the pages and replace the dummy content generated by Kajabi with yours.

You can also add different pages and elements between the automated generated Kajabi pipeline. You have the freedom to model and design your pipeline the way you want it.

You can also create professional and visually appealing landing pages by using pre-made templates or you can create it from scratch.

Email Marketing

Another awesome thing about the Kajabi is its Email Marketing features. If you are creating a funnel, website or landing page you need to Email marketing platforms to collect and send offers and email to your audience.

Getting into a third-party email marketing platform can increase your cost and also you have to go through a lot of processes in connecting your website or landing page with the platform.

To make it simple and easy for its users Kajabi has introduced its own email marketing tools with powerful features any good marketing platform should have.

You can create different email sequences for your products and services to automate the process. You can also add different tags and conditions based on the user’s activity.

Automation will allow you to send specific emails to specific users. For example, you can send different emails to the users who are enrolled in your course and those who have not purchased it yet.

Kajabi Webinars

Yes, you heard it right now you can run Kajabi webinars with just a few clicks. You may know the efforts and hard work in creating the Registration pages, Email reminders, Live page, Thank you page and much more in order to run a successful webinar.

With the aim of making the webinar process easy for its users, Kajabi has introduced the Kajabi webinar feature. You just need to navigate towards the pipeline and choose the webinar funnel, it will automatically generate the Registration page, Thank you, Page, live Page, and Email sequences so that you could focus on presenting your webinar.

Now you have everything you need to go and add your own branding and colors to make it more personalized.
A webinar is a great way to get more sales and engage with your audience but creating a complete webinar system is the most difficult task. But Kajabi does all the heavy lifting for you and makes the process super easy for you.


The more you know about your users, their activity and the visitor you are getting on your website the better it is. Comprehensive and detailed analytics of the Kajabi allows you to see the Following stats.

  • Revenue and sales
  • User activity
  • Subscription metrics
  • Pages view
  • Opt-ins
  • Offers sold
  • Products progress
  • And Affiliates

Affiliate Marketing

If you have your product ready and need someone to promote it no Problem, Kajabi can help you with it. You can create an affiliate program for your product by defining the percentage of commission they get when recommending your product.

Let the army of the affiliate promote your product and get more sales which will definitely increase your revenue.

Integrating Third-Party Tools.

Kajabi is packed with tons of features and tools to help you to run your marketing efforts more effectively and this is what we have discussed in this kajabi review but still if you want to integrate your favorite tool you can do it easily with Kajabi.

Here Platforms which you can integrate with Kajabi

Email Integrations

  1. Aweber
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Drip
  4. Convertkit
  5. Activecampaign


  1. Segment
  2. Google analytics
  3. Facebook pixels


  1. Zapier allows you to connect 500+ more apps
  2. Clickfuennls

Payment Gateways integration

No need to purchase or buy the third-party tools to integrate payment gateways on your website, With Kajabi you can do it seamlessly with just a few clicks of buttons.

You can integrate Paypal and Stripe to receive payments from your website.

And You know what’s good about kajabi?

There is no transaction fee, You can withdraw your money without paying anything to kajabi.

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi comes with 3 different pricing plans and you can choose the one which better suits your requirements.

  • Basic: This plan will cost you $119/month and allows you to add 3 products, 3 Pipelines, Unlimited landing pages, one website, 10000 Contacts, 1000 Active members, and one admin user.
  • Growth: The cost of this plan is $159/moth and you can create 15 products and pipelines, Unlimited landing pages, 25000 contacts, 10000 active members, one website and 10 admin users.
  • Pro: This is the last and higher plan which will cost you $319/month. It permits to create 100 Products and pipeline, You can create unlimited landing pages, 100,000 contacts, 20,000 active members, 3 website and 25 admin users.

Note: pricing I have mentioned is only included in a yearly plan ( 20% off if you purchase a yearly plan) if you purchase any of this plan for an individual month it can cost you more.

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi Alternatives

If you are still not convinced with the Kajabi review guide and features and want to know about the kajabi alternatives we have the list for you.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the most powerful platforms which allows you to create sales funnels, membership website, personalized checkout pages, down sells, upsells, Email marketing features which makes it superior and powerful

Clickfunnels checkout pages are best when it comes to conversion, for example, they offer only one-page checkout but in Kajabi it is a little difficult the more steps users have to follow the more chances they will abandon the cart.

But unlike Kajabi the page builder of the Clickfunnels is not powerful, you will have limited options and features to build and design your pages. Also, Clickfunnels lacks the blogging features. For this you have to create your blog website on WordPress or any other suitable platform.

But if you are the one whose focus is sales funnels and selling products online CLickfunnels is the best option for you.

Teachable vs Kajabi

Teachable is specifically designed to sell your courses online. You can also create your own website with your custom domain and branding. It has some advanced features to Create Quizzes, polls, surveys and offer certificates at the end of course completion.

Your students or audience can also watch your courses on all the devices which can definitely help you to get more conversion.

However, In teachable, there is no marketing tool or feature to automate your business, there is no email marketing tool you have to integrate the third-party tools.

With teachable, you cannot create any sales funnel which is really essential to get a higher conversion and more sales.

The website and Blog creating features are limited and you have to stick with what teachable offers their users. Also, you cannot create a membership website using the teachable.

So if you are the one who is just looking for creating an online course without worrying about sales funnels and marketing tools Teachable is the way you should go.

Kajabi vs Kartra

Kartra is another marketing tool with robust features to make your process of selling online smooth and impressive. It has hundreds of ready-made templates that you can utilize to create your own website, landing pages, sales page, Thank you page and much more. You can also customize those pages by using the drag and drop page builder and give your page or website a branded and unique look.

Another awesome thing about Kartra is its checkout pages, gorgeous and professional checkout with loads of characteristics can definitely increase your conversion rate and sales.

Just like Kajabi, you can also create funnels and email campaigns with Kartra and it has all the features which we have discussed in Kajabi

From creating your own website, Blog and membership website with strong and effective features Kartra got your back.

Another unique feature which most of the platforms lack is the Helpdesk feature which allows you to talk to your audience or customers through live chat or they can create a ticket about the issue they are facing. This makes your customers more comfortable buying your products and services.

Kartra has all the features and tools but it is very difficult to create and manage your product pages and funnels. In Kajabi everything seems organized, You just need to click it and it is done for you but Kartra is much difficult from creating pages to funnels and setting up your campaigns.

If you are tech-savvy and can handle the technical aspect Kartra is the best option for you.

We have detailed review and complete Walkthrough on Kartra Review – Features, Pricing and complete Walkthrough.

Kajabi vs Thinkific

Thinkfic is created with the core focus on creating and selling your courses. You can also create quizzes, polls, surveys and discussion portals to engage more with your audience and students. Thinkfic also has the drip and content locking feature to assess your students and know their strengths and weaknesses.

You can also create your own website using the premade templates which are customizable and its drag and drop builder will let you enhance the beauty of your website. You can also create a blog with Thikkfic. But the features and functionality of creating websites and blogs are very limited so you may need to depend on any other platform for your blog or website.
If your main focus is to just create and sell your courses you can go with the Thinkific but if you want to bring your business to the higher level kajabi is the best deal.


No Doubt kajabi is the best option when it comes to creating and selling your course online because of its robust features.

It is all in one platform with powerful tools to assist you to run your online business in one place. For your course, you can create quizzes, surveys, certificates, community, and ready-made blueprints to make the process further easy.

You can also create your own website, blog, Sales funnels, Setup email marketing campaign without depending on any other third party app or platform.

Hope you have enjoyed our Kajabi review and found it useful in choosing the right platform for creating and selling your online course.

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