Buzzsprout vs Libsyn 2020 – Review and Walkthrough

want to start podcasting? but struggling to decide between Buzzsprout and Libsyn. Which one would be better? Which company would be perfect for your needs.

Buzzsprout vs Libsyn complete expert review and comparison helping you to decide to choose the best provider for your podcast hosting.

Here are the following things we are going to discuss in the comprehensive Buzzsprout vs Libsyn comparison and review.

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support

Buzzsprout vs Libsyn – Features

Both platforms are best when it comes to podcasting But still, both of them have strengths and weaknesses let’s discuss what they have got.

Buzzsprout Features

Buzzsprout is one the best podcasting platforms with tons of features which makes it easy for anyone to manage and upload podcasts. You can read the full buzzsprout review here


No Matter what type of content you are creating you need an audience to read it, watch it and listen to it. In the same way, when you create a podcast you need followers and listeners to listen to your podcast.

Reaching thousands of users is not easy but With Buzzsprout it is just one click away. You just need to create your podcast, upload it and with just one button your podcast will be shared with TOP podcasting directories. You can reach millions of potential listeners as your podcast will be shared across Google podcasts, stitcher, apple podcast, Tunlex, Alexa, Castro, and many other directories.

Track your Progress.

Buzzsprot advanced analytic feature allows you to see data of your users so that you could prepare your next podcast accordingly. You will be able to see numbers of downloads, listeners’ locations, and what applications they are using to listen to your podcast.

Schedule and Optimization

In order to make your podcast run properly across different browsers, apps, and locations you should optimize your podcast that can waste a lot of your time. But Buzzsrpout will automatically optimize your podcast to make it run seamlessly.

You can also schedule your podcast to go live immediately or you can schedule your podcast to live at different times


You might have the audience from different locations around the world and most of them might not be able to understand what you are saying due to the language barrier. In order to tackle this situation in Buzzsprout, you can add transcription to make people understand your podcast easily.

Transcription is also better for search engines and it can help you to get a better rank on search engines.

Make Money

Yes, you heard it right you can make money if you are a Buzzsprout user. Buzzsprout is partnered with many big brands that allow you to promote them and make affiliate commissions. You can make more money with your podcast than any other way of making money, the reason is simple: the podcast audience is more loyal and they are ready to take action.

Integration With WordPress

Buzzsprout has a WordPress plugin that you can download from the WordPress plugin directory. With the help of the Buzzsprout WordPress plugin, you can fetch all of your podcasts from Buzzsprout with just one click.

You can also customize the podcast player to match with your website branding and colors.

Chapters Creation

Chapters’ creations and markers make it easy to follow for your users or listeners. For example, you might have a course or training from entry to advance level. So anyone with different skills can skip or watch chapters of their choice and experience.

Create Your own Website

Need a podcast website but don’t have the experience to code or develop? No Problem Buzzsprout allows you to create a custom website using the drag and drop builder and make your website ready in no time. You can also use your own Logo, Colors, and Domain to give it a branded look.

Libsyn Features

Libsyn is another best podcasting hosting platform with tons of features to make your podcasting efforts easy and professional.


Just like Buzzsprout the Libsyn has a cool feature name onPublish which can help you to spread your podcast on different podcasting platforms. Libsyn publishing tool comes up with many features to make your publishing effective.

It has a bulk editing tool that allows you to add, edit and remove the content from any destination. You can also control when to publish your podcast on different platforms/directories.

Custom Android or IOS App

Libsyn provides you a custom-built app for android and IOS. When I say custom-built App I mean An App specifically designed for your podcasting and for any business with your branding and colors. Libsyn will not only provide you the app but also work with you to make the app as per your requirements and make it live on Google app and apple store.

The app will have all the features which you need to make your app more functional and easy to use for your users. One of the awesome features of the Libsyn app is sending push notifications to your users for any update or next episode alert.

Libsyn Player

Libsyn player is responsive and can work on all the devices for a better user experience. Your user will also be able to download it for offline listening. Libsyn has a WordPress plugin that you can install on your website to fetch and upload your podcasts on your website. Libsyn players can be customized to match your website colors and fonts.


Libsyn made it super easy for you to monetize your podcast and make money. You just need to fulfill a few requirements to get approved for advertising on your podcasts. You can run different types of ads related to your business and niche.


Libsyn feels proud of their powerful audience insight as they provide the IAB v2.0 Certified Podcast Statistics. It means you will get accurate data about your podcast which is not beneficial for you but also for your advertisements.

You can make better decisions regarding your content to create a great impact in your niche. You will be able to see everything a good analytic should show you. For example users’ locations, an app they use, age, no of downloads, complete history and downloads of the podcast, social sharing and much more.

Custom Domain

To give your podcast library a unique URL which is easy to remember and portrays your brand and identity. Libsyn allows you to add your own domain and colors for uniqueness and branding.

Buzzsprout vs Libsyn – Features – The Winner

As we can almost both of them have similar features and But if we check it more deeply you can see Buzzsprout allows you to create your own website, add transcription and chapters creation which makes it reliable and easy to follow for your users. As we all do it for users satisfaction and Buzzsprout provides more value to users that is why Buzzsrpout is the Winner


Pricing is crucial if you are going to start the podcast as you need something reliable which can host your podcast if you are on a tight budget. So in this section of the article, we will breakdown the pricing plans of each podcast hosting provider.

Buzzsprout Pricing 2020

Buzzsprout Plans

Buzzsprout has 4 different pricing plans and you can choose the one which suits you best.

  • Free Plan: This plan allows you to upload 2 hours of the podcasts every month. it means at the start of every month you will have the chance to upload 2 hours of content. The free plan is only available for 90 days after that you need to upgrade your plan.
  • $12/Month Plan: You can upload 3 hours of content each month and if you need any additional hours you just need to pay only $4/hour.
  • $18/Month Plan: This plan permits to upload 6 hours of content every month and if you still have more content to upload you can purchase additional hours for $3
  • $24/Month Plan: This is the last plan where you can upload 12 hours of content each month and if you need more hours you just need to pay $2 for each additional hour

Some features like Podcast stats, Website, Custom player, 250 GB bandwidth, distribution to different directories are only allowed in paid plans.

Libsyn Pricing

Libsyn pricing plans have four different plans which are listed below.

  • Classic 50: This plan costs $5/month and only allows the 50mb of content to upload. This plan also has restrictions, for example, For monetization, it only allows double opt-in advertising, for stats and custom domain you need to pay $2 extra every month.
  • Classic 250: the cost of this plan is $15/month and You can only upload 250Mb of content. Just like the classic you are also restricted here Like Monetization limitations and for custom domain and Stats you need to pay $2 extra every month.
  • Advance 400: This is the advance plan which costs $20/month where you can upload 400mb of data and if you need additional you need to pay $10/month for every 200mbextra space. This plan also provides you an android or iOS app but for that, you need to pay an extra $10/month.
  • Advance 800: This plan costs $40/month and allows 800mb of content to upload. All the other features are similar to the Advance 400 plan.

Libsyn also have 2 other plan if you are planning to use or need more space

  1. Advanced 1500: This will cost you $75/month and provides you 1500Mb of space. Features are similar to other advance plans
  2. Advanced 1500: This will cost you $150/month and allows you 3000Mb of data to upload. Features are similar to other advance plans

Buzzsprout vs Libsyn – Pricing – The Winner

We Just covered the pricing plans of both podcasts hosting providers and we can clearly see the Buzzsprout is more reliable and secure when it comes to pricing. If you are one who has a tight budget and needs something super powerful than Buzzsporut is your best bet.

Ease of Use

Both the platforms are super easy to use and configure and start creating your podcast. You will also be able to access the tutorials and guidelines from both the platforms to make your podcast more effective and easy to create.


Buzzsprout and Libsy have very good support and they respond within 24 hours to fix the problem you are facing. But if you need the problem to be fixed as soon as possible Buzzsporut is the best choice because they have a large Facebook group with more than 8000+ active members. So whenever you face a problem you can post there and members of the group will help you at the spot.

Buzzsporyt vs Libsyn Summary

  1. Features: Buzzsprout
  2. Pricing: Buzzsprout
  3. Ease of Use: Tie
  4. Support: Buzzsprout

You can see the Buzzsprout is the clear winner. So if you are one who is just starting out and has a very low budget you can go with Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout allows you to host your podcast for free for 90 days during which you can test the features of the platform.

Bonus: If you subscribe to any of the Buzzsprout plans you will get a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

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