Buzzsprout Review 2020 – Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Buzzsprout review

Buzzsprout Review and Walkthrough

If you are struggling to decide whether you should go with Buzzsprout or choose any other alternatives you have come to the right place. In this Buzzsprout review, we will discuss ins and out of the tool so that you could make a better decision.

Buzzsprout is one the best tools when it comes to creating, storing, customizing and monetizing your podcast. No matter what your requirements are Buzzsprout has got everything you need.

Buzzsprout is packed with tons of features and functionalities to make your podcasting creating efforts easy and effortless.

Why Podcast and importance

Podcasting has gained a plethora of popularity over the last few years. We checked the google trends of the last 5 years and you can see the result. The graph of podcasting is going up day after day. From here we can imagine how much the audience is interested and you can leverage the opportunity to grow your business to the next level.

Benefits of podcast

Podcasts are the best way to interact and engage with your audience and convert them into your loyal customers

Less Time Consuming

There is a huge difference between watching the video, reading the post and podcast. You can listen to the podcast while you are driving, Gyming, Jogging, Eating or you’re working on your laptop and can do your work easily without worrying about any distractions. And that same thing is not possible with the blog post or the Video. You have to watch the video or read the article actively. You can see how much time it can save and also they can listen to your podcast for hours and hours.

Loyal Following

The podcast audience is the most loyal and you can build a strong relationship with them. They feel very close to you and can do anything you want them to do. Your conversion rates will be way higher than any way of marketing. The reason behind it is very simple thousand of people who are listening to your podcast will be waiting for your new episode as your podcast is helping them to grow their business, solving their problems. It is just like waiting for the new episode of our favorite TV show.

You can make more Money

You can monetize your podcast easily and can earn a handsome amount of money, Buzzsprout also allows you to monetize your podcast. You can even sell your products and services. You can also recommend the products and tools you are using which are beneficial for their business and can earn the handsome affiliate commission.

There are tons of other benefits of podcasts that can help you to grow your business to the next level.

Buzzsprout Review – Features

in this Buzzsprout review Let’s discuss some of the robust features of the Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout is the best of its kind. The only thing which makes it stand out from the others is it’s easy to use and powerful functionalities.

Reach Millions of Listeners.

If you are new and just starting out how will you get more followers and listeners to listen to your podcast?. Traffic, Listener, Followers is all we need to grow our business but getting more listeners is not easy when you are new to podcasting.

But……! Buzzsprout got you covered

Now with Buzzsprout, you can reach millions of the listeners with just one click of a button. Curious? And want to know how?

Buzzsprout feed is compatible with world-class directories like Spotify, Google Podcast, iHear, Stitcher, Alexa, Tunlen, Radio, Apple Podcast and many others. So whenever someone will search about the podcast if it is related to your podcast your podcast will also appear in the search result. This will give you more exposure and followers in no time.

Innovative Statistics

You know how you can get more engagement and downloads when it comes to podcasting?
Not only is podcasting in any business engagement is what we all need as it can assist us in generating more leads and revenue.

The only way to get more engagement is to know your audience, who they are? Where they are located and what platform they are using to listen to your podcast?

Buzzsprout provides you advanced statistics to track your progress and audience. It can help you to know your audience deeply.

You will be able to see who they are, their location, Total no of downloads, and what app they are using to listen to your podcast. This will give you more insight into your audience helping to decide and create great content as per their interest and your expertise.

Buzzsprout stats

Upload on Your WordPress website

If you have your website on WordPress and you are already getting tons of traffic on your website and don’t want your audience to go to any other platform to listen to your podcast. Buzzsprout has the answer for you.

Buzzsprout has its own WordPress plugin which you can download from the WordPress plugin directory and upload it on your website.

Now you can easily fetch your podcasts from Buzzsprout account to your website with just a few clicks of a button.

There is no need to download the podcast and upload it onto your website which can consume a lot of your time, But Buzzsport has made it easy for their users. Just install the WordPress plugin, connect with your Buzzsprout account and fetch as many episodes as you want.

Optimization and Customization

Optimizing the Filsezietype (Bitrates or ID3) is essential as your audience is listening to your podcast from different locations with different internet speeds. So giving them the disruption and interruption-free experience is vital.

But there is no Good news for you.

Buzzsport takes care of the file optimization, they will optimize the file depending on the listener location, internet and app they are using and give them a seamless experience.

Another cool feature of Buzzsprout is its customization ability. Now you can customize your player to match your branding.

For instance, if you are uploading the Buzzsprout podcast onto your website and you want the colors and fonts to match with your website, Buzzsprout has got your back. You can easily customize the look of the player to give it the branded look.


You know what’s the best thing about the Buzzsprout?

It is audience-oriented, I mean giving the audience an optimized and better experience they have integrated a lot of user-friendly functionalities.

Transcription can easily be added inside the Buzzsprout for those who have a hearing problem and also for the speed readers. This makes it for anyone to know better about your podcast.

Also, Transcriptions are very important for SEO. No matter how advanced the search engine are they still depend on the Text. Transcription can help the search engine to know about your podcast in return you can get higher ranking on search engines. Being on the top of the search will give you the consistent flow of listeners organically.

Buzzsprout Transcription

Multiple Podcasts and Team Members.

You can easily create as many podcasts you want and sell them at different pricing. You can also manage and add unlimited no of team members at your Buzzsprout account to make your workload divided and easily manageable.

Podcast Monetization

Buzzspro doesn’t only allow you to create and publish your podcast but also helps you to make money with your podcasts.
Feeling Excited? I am also excited to tell you how you can make money by monetizing your podcasts.

We all love making money by providing the value to our customers and audience, this is what you can do with your podcast in Buzzsprout.

Buzzsprout contains an affiliate marketplace with a lot of affiliate products to promote. You can easily integrate those affiliate products into your podcasts and make money whenever someone buys those products or services.

Create, Monetize, Publish and start making money

Chapters Maker

Now you can convert your podcast into chapters and segments making it easy for your users easy to follow. They can easily skip or move to the important segment of the podcast which can make your podcast more interesting.

Chapters are really important for your listeners, for example, if your podcasts have different levels like Beginners and advance with different chapters. It will make it easy for your listeners to skip the beginner’s level if they already have a good experience.

Buzzsprout Chapter Maker

Podcast Website

Having your own website gives you an additional way of marketing. It also gives you the authority and fame. With Buzzsprout you can easily create your own website and customize it as per your colors and fonts.
It is super easy to create your own podcast website using the Buzzsprout and connect your domain and stand out from your competitors.
Having your own branded and unique website makes you more trustworthy and more users will start following you and become your loyal audience.

Switching to Buzzsprout

If you are already working on the podcast but on different providers and after reading this Buzzsprout review you are thinking to switch to buzzsprout.
But you are worried about how you will transfer your podcasts to buzzsprout.

Don’t worry buzzsprout has the solution for you you can easily connect other providers with buzzsprout and transfer it easily.

Social Sharing

Buzzsprout has made social sharing easy and professional. With the social sharing button, it can easily be shared on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Once shared on social media it will be converted into beautiful visuals which can help you to get more clicks and engagements.

Buzzsprout Support

Buzzsprout provides you with superior support making it easier for you to create and publish your podcast efficiently.
Tons of helping material is already available on buzzsprout from creating the first podcast to creating a website and publishing your podcast across several podcasting directories.

You can also join social media groups where you can talk to an expert whenever you face any problem or issue.

Buzzsprout Pricing

Buzzsprout comes up with 4 different pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: You can sign up for free and upload up to 2 hours podcasts each month. These podcasts will be deleted or removed after 90 days. In order to keep them, you have to upgrade to the higher plans.
  • $12/Month: Here you can upload 3 hours of the podcast and if you need additional hours it can cost you $4/hour.
  • $18/Month: In this plan, you can upload 6 hours of podcasts and if you need any additional hours you need yo pay $3/hour
  • $24/Month: In this plan, you can upload up to 12 hours of the podcast and if you need any additional hours it can cost you $2/hour

Buzzsprout Pricing

Some Premium Features like

  • Podcast Statistics
  • Podcast website
  • Custom Embed Players
  • Get into directories
  • 250GB bandwidth per month

Buzzsport Alternatives

If you are reading this Buzzsprout Review and still not convinced here are some of the best buzzsprout alternatives for hosting your podcasts.


podbean podcast hosting

podbean podcast hosting

Podbean is one of the best alternatives of the buzzsprout and it is packed with tons of features to make your podcasting journey easy and effortless. You can host unlimited no of the audio podcast with no limitations. Just like buzzsprout, it is very easy to host and manage your podcasts. From distributing your podcast on different directories and auto social sharing to monetizing your podcast and creating your own website Podbean can assist you.


Transistor Podcast Hosting

Transistor Podcast Hosting

The transistor is another podcasting hosting platform that can help you to host and grow your business effectively. With Transistor you can create as many podcasts as you want to get more and more listeners towards your podcast. You can invite unlimited no of teams and collaborators to decrease the burden of work. Transistor statistics features allow you to see the number of downloads, Location, Apps they are using and details stats about your podcast performance.


Libsyn Podcast Hosting

Libsyn Podcast Hosting

Another cool and featured rich alternative to Buzzsprout is Libsyn and it is one of the most popular ones. It is famous and known for its detailed statistics features which can help you to publish the podcast which can bring massive results. In Libsyn, you are limited to just audio podcasts; you can also host video podcasts. Just like other podcast hostings, You can create your own website and also can embed it on the WordPress website using the WordPress plugin.


Castos Podcast Hosting

Castos Podcast Hosting

Castos is one the fastest growing podcast hosting platforms where you can upload and manage your podcast easily. Unlike other podcast hosting platforms, Castos provides you unlimited storage, bandwidth, and episodes. These features make it superior to any other platform. You can also import and export the podcasts to your WordPress website with just one click. Buzzsprout also has automated transcription features which make it easy for your audience and also SEO.

Buzzsprout Pros and Cons


  • Buzzsprout comes up with 90 days free trial
  • Affordable pricing
  • Top-Notch Support from the community
  • Packed with tons of features
  • Easy to use and user friendly


  • Limitation when it comes to uploading the episodes

Buzzsprout FAQ’s

What is Buzzsprout?

Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform that can help you to host and monetize your podcast and share your podcast across different directories for more exposure.

Is Buzzsprout free?

Yes, Buzzsprout comes up with a free 90 days trial which can assist you in exploring and knowing more about the buzzsprout. Buzzsprout free plan also has limitations like you can upload only 2 hours of content per month.

How much does Buzzsprout cost?

Buzzsprout comes up with a different pricing plan: $12/Month to upload 3 hours of podcast, $18/month for 6 hours of content and $24/month for 12 hours for podcasts.

What is the Best Free Podcast Hosting?

Buzzsprout provides you 90 days free hosting plans as compared to any other podcast hostings. But with the free plan, there are some limitations.

Can I host my podcast on my website?

Yes, you can easily host the podcasts on your website, Buzzsprout has the WordPress plugins which allows you to import and export your podcasts with just a few clicks.

BuzzSprout Review Summary

Buzzsprout is one the best and top podcast hosting websites which allows you to manage and host your podcasts easily and efficiently. It also comes up with a free plan you can sign up with to explore the features provided by Buzzsprout.

If you are newbies or a pro podcast hosting Buzzsprout is the way you go. Go ahead and signup today.

Buzzsprout Bonus

If you get any buzzsprout paid plan you will be rewarded with a $20 Amazon gift. What are you looking for ? just go ahead and grab your deal.

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