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We are providing the WordPress Security Service to make your website fully secure and Clean. What does it matter if your website looks beautiful as you paid a lot of $$$ to Your website designer,, Getting tons of traffic, very popular and helping you to generate income if it is not secure enough? All the hard work you have done to make your website and blog perfect can vanish if you don’t care about your WordPress website security.

Wordpress malware removal services

Why You need WordPress Malware Removal Services

The internet is getting scary day by day and if you are not protecting yourself you can lose reputation, your business and all the work you put on your website. Your website is your brand image and if your image is being damaged you can lose the user’s trust and your reputation.

When it comes to WordPress you should be doing each and everything to protect your WordPress website. WordPress is an open-source software no matter how much it is protected against hackers still it can be hacked. Internet terrorists are everywhere finding new ways to hack your website or find vulnerabilities on your website. They can steal your user’s information like credit card details, their contact information and also damage your website badly.

How We Can Help you

We can help you to take your WordPress website security to the next level and provide you the best WordPress security service, from removing all malicious and infected files harden the security of your website. Here is how our WordPress malware removal service can help you.
Wordpress security Services

Malware Removal

The first step we will take to protect your website is to remove the malware from your website. No matter how we harden the security of your website if the malware is already on your website it can affect your website. We complete scanning your website and remove the infected and unwanted files from your files and make sure no malware is left.
Wordpress database security

Database Security

The database is the best place for hackers to attack, the reason is a simple database is a place where all the information about your website is stored. So the database is the perfect place to hit and we can’t ignore the importance of database. We will clean up your database completely and optimize it to make it more strong and secure.
Wordpress HTTPS for security

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Another thing that most of the WordPress malware removal service provides ignore is HTTPS. Having an HTTPS website can increase your trust in front of users and search engines. Search engines like Google have declared the HTTPS website as the ranking factor. Search engines are doing their best to show the best on the front page. If your website is without the HTPPS you will see “not secure” words on the left side of the URL bar/tab. This makes your users uncomfortable to stay on your website or purchase anything. That is why we convert your HTTP website to HTTPS
DDOs protection from malware

DDoS Protection

The DDoS attack is one of the most dangerous attacks on the internet. In this attack, hackers send tons of traffic towards your website from different sources making your website unavailable and busy. This makes your website hard to load and unavailable which makes your users angry and they leave your website. This results in low revenue and can damage your business badly. We protect your website from any DDoS attack and ensure the optimal performance of your website.
2 factor authentication

Two Factor authentication

Google, Facebook, and many other big companies allow their users to add 2-factor authentications. Two-factor authentication means the first login through user and pass and 2nd with mobile verification. This adds an extra layer of security for your website. Our developer adds this functionality to your website as well to make it super secure.

Enhance your WordPress website Security With oUr WordPress Malware Removal Services

wordpress malware removal services and wordpress security services


We set up and create the backup of your website so that you could use it whenever you face any problem. We make sure your backup is being created on a daily basis. You don’t have to do it manually, we will create an automatic system that will create your website backup on a daily basis.

Security Enhancement

We will take all the necessary steps to harden the security of your website. We will make your plugins and themes are up to date and you are using the latest version of WordPress. To Enhance your website security further we will Protect wp-config file, Disallow file editing, limit directly permission, Disabling directory listing using .htaccess and much more to save you from all the corners.

Browser Alert or Blacklist removal

If your website is infected with malware it can be detected by the browsers and search engines. When someone visits your website it will show them alert “Website is harmful do not visit it “ this can seriously damage your business and reputation. In order to remove this, we will scan your website and remove malware and make your website safe again.

Guide and Custom Report

We will provide you the complete report about the steps we have taken to increase the security of your website. We will not just provide you the WordPress malware removal services but we will also provide you a custom video guide about security measures so that You could take care of your website in the future.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions asked by different clients.

Is WordPress secure?

Yes, WordPress is secure, but still, your website can be hacked if you have not configured and installed the powerful security system for your website.

Why does my WordPress site say not secure?

If your website does not have a valid SSL certificate installed it can make your website insecure in front of the users who are visiting your website. Having an SSL certificate installed can remove this problem.

How can I improve my WordPress Security?

There are lots of things to do to make your website secure. Chose the right hosting and also make sure your server directory is secure enough to prevent any file editing and uploading.

What happens if you visit an unsecure website?

Most of the hackers use tricks in order to steal the user’s information. Whenever you visit some website and your browsers say the insecure website you must leave the website. As someone might be trying to trick you and get your information,

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