Over 10+ Years of experience in WordPress Development, We can provide you Best WordPress customization service or WordPress Theme customization service

Want to enhance the beauty of your website? Or want to make your website look and feel like your business? From changing colors, fonts, custom CSS, Adding content, changing content to configuring your WordPress theme and plugins our website designer and WordPress consultant Can Help you. .

If you have purchased a theme and don’t know how to customize or you have your existing theme where you want to make changes or want to add new pages, look no further as we KLBPRODUCTION can help you to customize and design your website as per your requirements within no time.

WordPress Customization Service

We are providing a wide range of WordPress customization services tailored to your specifications.

Wordpress configuration

The first step in the WordPress customization is configuring WordPress for optimal results from your website. In this section, we will add the proper title and description of your website, Setup URL to look professional, Setup a comment system to prevent spam comments, and enabling your website to be indexable. 

Plugins installation and configuration

Plugins are really important to enhance the functionality of your website and make it more professional. We will add all the essential plugins required for any website. For example, Yoast plugins installation and configuration for SEO, Speed optimization Plugins, Contact forms, security, Backup and eCommerce plugins for eCommerce functionality.

Theme Installation Same as Demo

If you have purchased the theme from ThemeForest or from any other provider but don’t know how to install and make it look the same as demo. Look no further as we can help you to install and make it 100% the same as the demo of the theme. No matter what theme you are using we can assist you and make it as per your specifications

Website Branding

Your theme has different colors, styles, and fonts and you want to make it similar to your colors, fonts, and styles. Our WordPress developers got you covered just let us know about your colors, fonts, and styles and we will make sure your website has the feels and sense of your business with the branded and unique look.

WordPress Theme Customization Services

WordPress themes give your website the professional and visually appealing look that is why using them is a must when it comes to WordPress. But most of the WordPress themes come up with lorem ipsum or dummy content that needs to be removed and changed with your content and images.

As a WordPress consultant and expert, our team will assist you in customizing your theme and make it look the way you wanted.

WordPress themes also come up with default colors, fonts, and styles we will make sure that those colors, styles, and fonts match with your branding. We also configure and make the plugins functional that come up with your theme.
zation service.

Adding Pages and customizing Existing Pages

We will help you in the complete process starting from customizing the exiting pages you have on your theme and adding new pages like Services, contact pages and any other pages you wish to have on your website.

Blog Setup

A blog is really important as it can help you to get more visitors organically and you can convert them to your customers. We will not only help you in setting up a blog on your website but also provide you complete video guide to managing and getting solid results from your blog

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions asked by different clients.

Can you fully customize WordPress?

Yes, we can fully customize your WordPress website and make it as per your requirements. We can help you in adding custom styles/CSS and custom functionality in your WordPress website.

How do you edit a WordPress website?

We are developing and creating WordPress websites for 10 years and we know how it works and how we can make it, to give you the top-notch website.

Want to customize your website and give it the new and appealing look, Get in touch for WordPress customization Services