Webinarjam Review 2020 – Pricing and Features Walk through

Webinar Jam Review and Walkthrough

Welcome to our unbiased Webinarjam review, in this Webinarjam review we will discuss Webinarjam features, pricing, and complete walkthrough so that You could make a better decision while choosing the best tool for your Webinar.

Webinars have gained popularity over the few years as they are the finest and the cost-effective way of marketing. Webinars can help you to gain more user trust, engagement, sales, and leads. You can talk to hundreds of attendees at time and can build strong relationships with them.

Benefits of Webinar

Benefits of Webinar

Here are the benefits of hosting a webinar

  • Affordable: Webinars are the cost-effective way of marketing, You can reach hundreds and thousands of people without worrying about the physical place. For example, when you are conducting a seminar you have to arrange the place, Sitting arrangements, Food, drinks and Sometimes you also have to fly to a different city or a country which is an additional cost. You may know it better if you already have done it. But When it comes to Webinars you can conduct and manage it by sitting at the comfort of your home at very low pricing.
  • Brand Awareness: Webinars are the optimum solution to let people know about your products and services. You can talk about your services, case studies and how it is helping people and growing their business. Ultimately you will get more sales and revenue.
  • Build Relation and Understand Your Audience: Webinars allow you to build a strong relationship and trust with your audience. Webinars can help people to know more about you and your services. This makes them comfortable to purchase your products and services. Another nice thing about the webinars is your audience interactions with you through live questions and comments which can help you to know more about your and their problem so that You could create a better action plan for them.

What is Webinarjam and How it Can Help you

WebinarJam is a feature rich and husky platform that allows you to host your webinars efficiently. WebinarJam is loaded with tons of features to make your webinar hosting process easy and smooth.
WebinarJam is the industry-leading webinar hosting platform with more 50,000 users across the world. It is easy to use and its top-class support makes it to excel from its competitors.

Here are some of the exciting features of Webinarjam

  • Page Builder lets you build beautiful registration pages
  • You can record webinars with just one click
  • Fix and troubleshoot with just one click on the button
  • You can easily host anyone from the audience
  • Send offer about your products and services during the webinar
  • Chat with your audience through the live chat option
  • Automated recording and share it with anyone
  • Integration with 100s of automated Tools
  • Engage your audience with polls and surveys
  • Share downloadable files with your audience
  • Add Videos to your webinars
  • Make your webinar Paid
  • You can draw and write with drawing tools
  • Set a schedule as per your requirements

Webinar Jam Review and Features Overview

Let’s get started with a complete overview and WebinarJam review to give you more insights about the Platform.

Page Builder

We all know that having a beautiful and conversion-oriented page can give us more leads and conversion as compared to any other normal page.

But creating a gorgeous page is not an easy job

But The webinarJam makes it super easy for their users. You just need to pick a template that fits your niche and customize its Color, text, logo and can also add a video to give it a professional look.

But still, if you are confused about choosing the right page no Problem, the WebinarJam AI system will choose two suitable pages for you and rotate it across your audience and help you to pick the one which is getting more registrations.

Almost 70% of the people use mobile to browse the internet that is why Webinarjam makes sure your pages are responsive to all the devices.

Email and SMS System

Keeping your audience busy and updated is what makes the WebinarJam different from any other platform.
You can easily set up follow up Email and Message campaigns to keep your users informed about the upcoming events and what they can expect.

That is great as most of the people, even you, can forget today what you have done yesterday but these emails and SMS will remind them about your upcoming webinar.

You can also set up campaigns for post-webinar to let them know how they can watch if they missed or left it.

Send Offers

When you are performing the webinar and your audience is listening to you and getting knowledge about your products and services. That is the best time to pitch the offer about your products and services.

You will get maximum conversion, and it’s really a cool way to make your audience purchase your products as they are already convinced with your products and services.

But how will you send them offers?

WebinarJam makes sending offers easy for its users, creating an offer is just one click away and you will be presented with a ready-made offer you just need to add your pricing, pictures, and text and send it to your audience.

There is no need to send a link to follow which most of the time don’t work. But WebinarJam offers works like a charm and you can also add the count downtime for Scarcity and urgency to get high conversion.

Polls and Surveys

Interacting with your audience is the best way to get high engagement and conversions. If you are a trainer and provide training to the people you can send them surveys to know more about their issues and problems. This will help you to get to know more about your audience and provide them a better solution for their problem.

And, If you are a teacher and teach students online you can send me a quiz about the specific topic to know how your students are performing.


Presentation feature in WebinarJam is best for the teachers who want to deliver the lecture regarding training sessions and Product Presentation.

You can easily upload the presentation in Powerpoint or keynotes and run in HIGH DEFINITION for the better user experience.


Remember when you were in school or college? Our teacher most of the time Draws a Drawing on the board and then explains it to us which makes it easier for us to digest and learn.

Now you are doing a webinar and presenting something to your audience and if you want your presentation to be more interesting and engaging Drawing is the way you bet.

You can explain a Diagram, about your products to make your audience gain more knowledge and enhance their learning experience.

Video Injections

Just imagine you are teaching students from all around the world and you have different sessions the whole day and week because your students are located at different locations so following the same time is not possible.

But being awake all the time to deliver the same session, again and again, will make you tired. so WebinarJam got a solution for you, you can easily inject videos of the lecture into the webinar and let your audience watch it. After the completion of the webinar, you can go live to answer the questions if They Have.

Smooth Registration Process

Filling forms and then conforming email is what makes everyone annoyed and we don’t really like it all the time. This can happen with your audience too and you need something smooth and easy for your audience.

WebinarJam always tries to provide the best to its users that is why they have introduced the new One-Click Registration feature in their system.

Now your listeners don’t have to go through the long process of registration they just need to click on the registration link and they will be registered right away. WebinarJam automatically fetches the user’s information like Name and Email from your favorite autoresponder or CRM

Automation and Integration

If you already have the contacts and you are managing them through CRM or any autoresponder you can easily integrate it with WebinarJam.

In order to automate your marketing campaign, you can set up rules based on user behavior. For example, You can add tags and rules for those who have registered for your event and can add different tags and rules who have missed it or left it during the webinar. Based on these rules you can set up a powerful marketing campaign to get the maximum out of your efforts.

Scheduling System

Set up your next meeting at any time and leave the rest to WebinarJam. For example if you want to have a meeting or webinar in the next few days just set up the date and it will send the reminder to you and registrants automatically.

You can also schedule a recurring meeting Like every Friday at 3 pm. And if you need your room to be available all the time , no problem it is just a few clicks away to set up.

Automated Webinar Recording

Another cool feature which I really Like is automated recording, you just need to click the button to record the session whenever you go live.

You know what’s the best thing about recording it’s not about the video of your voice or what you have presented to your audience. WebinarJam records each and everything. The recording will show up the comments and questions asked during the webinar, the offer you have sent to your audience. This feature makes your recorded webinars just like the live webinar and you will definitely get similar engagement.

Audience Voice

During the webinar, if you want someone from the audience to ask questions or share the case study about your product or services you can invite them with just one click of a button and let them speak.

They can share their Screen, Broadcast their webcam and talk to the rest of the audience. And once they are done you can return them in attendee mode.

Mobile Friendliness

If you are away from your office or desk and you have to do the live event what will you do?

WebinarJam mobile-friendliness feature made it easy for its users, you can easily stream from your mobile and talk to your audience. This mobile responsive is available both for Host and attendees.

Live chat With your Audience

Talking to your audience and giving them an answer to their question can assist you in keeping your webinar engaging.

WebinarJam allows you to talk to your audience and answer their questions through live chat options. You can chat in Private, Public and also can moderate the comments received from the audience. This will make your webinar more interesting and your listeners will stay with you until the end of the webinar.

File Sharing

WebinarJam has made it super easy to share files with your audience. You can easily share PDF, documents, Cheat Sheets or anything you want to share. Your audience will be able to download them with just one click of a button.

Team Members

How will you manage thousands of people who are attending your webinar? As you have to do the presentation, Live chat support, Files sharing and talking to your audience. It feels like a difficult task.

But Don’t worry

In WebinarJam, you can add your team members who can collaborate and work with you while you can focus on your presentation.

Paid and Free Webinar

If you are a trainer, Business consultant or anyone who wants to charge people for the webinar you can make your webinar paid. It is super easy to set up payment gateway and start receiving payments

Your users have to pay the fees in order to complete the registration process.

Dedicated Room

When you are arranging a webinar you have to go through a lot of processes from creating the registration page to sending email to your audience. And you also have to configure the setting to make it work properly.

But with always-on air room feature, you don’t have to go through all the process again and again. A dedicated room will be reserved for you where you can come live anytime without any configuration.

You will also be provided with a unique URL based on your company profile and it will be easy to remember.

Password Protected Rooms

You can protect your webinar if your webinar is paid or you just want to share it with a specific no of people. Your webinar could have secret information that you don’t want to share with anyone or only want your customers to access it.

No matter what you need regarding protecting your webinar the password protecting feature is available at your service.


WebinarJam real-time analytic will show everything you want to see.

  1. How many people have joined
  2. How many have left during the webinar
  3. Their location
  4. No of sales
  5. How many have watched the reply
  6. How many have reached late

And a lot of other information about the users.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam comes with three different plans and pricing you can choose which suits your needs.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam Pricing

  • Basic Plan: $499/Year: In this plan, you can host an unlimited webinar with 2 hours maximum duration of each webinar. This plan allows 500 attendees at a time and 2 presenters.
  • Professional Plan: $699/Year: In the professional plan, you can host unlimited webinars with 3 hours duration of each webinar. This plan permits 2000 attendees at a time and 4 Presenters. You will also be facilitated with premium features like
  • Enterprise Plan: $999/Year: This plan allows you to host unlimited webinars just like the rest one and 4 hours max duration for each webinar. In this plan, you can host a maximum no of attendees 5000 and 6 Presenters.  Just like a professional plan this also has premium features Like Always-on Air Room and Panic Button and one additional feature Control center.

WebinarJam Alternatives

If you are still not convinced with this WebinarJam Review and want to know the WebinarJam Alternatives list we got your back. Here is the list of webinarJam Alternatives.


ClickMeeting is one of the best alternatives with lots of similarities and differences. Let’s talk about some awesome features.

  • Easy to set up paid webinars in ClickMeeting just add your PayPal and start receiving payment from your audience.
  • Make your webinars automated with ClickMeeting Just record your webinar and leave it to the automation tool. Now you can focus on other stuff to make your journey successful
  • Create sub accounts or multi-users accounts to handle and collaborate the workload to make your webinar stress free for you.
  • By using Premade templates you can create engaging and conversion-focused registration pages to create the list
  • Branding is what makes you different from others, Clickmeeting allows you to add your logo, colors to your webinar for a branded and unique look.
  • ClickMeeting Address Book helps you to keep your list organized
  • The best thing about the Clickmeeting is the customized invitation, this will increase the conversion to an insane level.
  • ClickMeeting also offers a mobile application to make your webinar experience smooth no matter what devices you are using It has some other features like Live Chat, Polls, and surveys, Video and audio messages, Presentations, Whiteboard, screen share and much more.
  • ClickMeeting Charges based on the no of attendees the more attendees you have the more they will charge. For example, for 100 users they charge $60 – 75


Run and Host your Webinar effectively and protect your webinars from being downloaded. This will save your webinar from being leaked and used without your permission.

  • With Demio, you can run any type of Webinars, For example, Live, Hybrid, Series, Automated and on Demand.
  • This is very user friendly, Your users don’t have to download any software to watch your webinar they just need to click on the link and start watching your event. You can also use your logos and branding to make them more appealing and professional.
  • You can have a gorgeous and highly customizable landing page and registration page to get more users to attend your events.
  • You can also add extra fields to your registration form to get more information from your users.
  • Demio also provides the embed code for the form which you can use anywhere on your website or landing page
  • Ask a question through polls and surveys and make your events engaging and interesting. Demio will provide you the complete stats of the results you got from polls and surveys which you can share publically or keep it private.
  • Chat with your audience in private or public
  • You can integrate it 100’s of automation tools to make your workflow more effective
  • Analytics and stats allow you to know more about your listeners.
  • Demio has 3 pricing packages ranging from $34/month to $163/month and allows 50-500 attendees in each event.


EasyWebinar has some powerful features which make your events winning and engaging.

  • EasyWebinar is plug and play there is no wait and delays in making your webinar live. Your audience will be able to watch you and listen to you as soon as you start broadcasting.
  • You can have almost 4 presenters with you during the live webinar also you can bring someone from the audience to become the presenter.
  • Stream in HD is what makes the EasyWebinar better and more professional
  • Social media best when it comes to engagement and now ith EasyWebinar you can host your webinar directly through social media Like Facebook and Youtube
  • All types of webinars like Automated, Recorded, on Demand, recurring, and evergreen are available for you at your disposal
  • Get to know each and everything about your webinar with comprehensive analytics report
  • Send offer, Ask questions, invite people, create customizable pages and live chat with your audience.
  • The pricing starts from $78/month to $499/month which allows 100 – 2000 attendees at a time,

Frequently Asked Questions

If you enjoyed this WebinarJam review you might have some questions. To help you we have answered the most commonly asked questions

How much does WebinarJam cost?

WebinarJam contain three different pricing plan if you want to know in detail about plans and pricing Click Here

What is Webinar Jam?

WebinarJam is one of the best Webinar hosting platforms which allows you to host your webinar anytime anywhere.

Should I charge for my webinar?

It depends on the nature of your webinar, if you are teaching something and if you think your webinar is worth the charge you should charge for it.

WebinarJam Review Summary and Conclusion

If you are the one who is just starting out in Webinar Marketing, you are on a tight budget and need something which could fulfill all your needs and requirements I would highly recommend WebinarJam. It has everything a good webinar hosting platform should Have.

You will also get tons of support from the community on Facebook and youtube. Also whenever you face any problem the WebinarJam support team will always be available for you.

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