Siteground vs Hostgator Review – Which one is Better

Siteground vs Hostgator – Complete Head to Head Comparison

If you are struggling to decide to choose between Siteground vs Hostgator you came to the right place. After reading this piece of comparison you will be able to choose the right hosting provider for your business.

Choosing the right hosting is very important as your whole business is going to be dependent on the hosting providers. The wrong decision will not only hurt your business badly but will also make it hard to manage and shift to another hosting.

No Doubt Siteground and Hostgator are two best-hosting providers and both of them have built their reputation over the years of hard work and dedication in providing the best services. But if you plan big and want to stretch your business to the next level you need hosting which is reliable and could handle your websites easily. In this Siteground vs Hostgator, we are going to discuss holes, differences, and similarities so that you don’t regret your decision.

If you do not have the time to ready through Here is our opinions regarding Siteground vs Hostgator 

Both Siteround and Hostgator are best for any small business but when it comes to Quality, Speed, Uptime and support the Siteground is the clear winner. As it has the fastest servers with 99-9% uptime

Although when it comes to pricing the Hostgator is the winner as it has low pricing as compared to the Sitegorund so if you are the one who is looking for the affordable hosting Hostgator is our best choice.

Now, Let’s start the battle between the two giant hosting providers.

Siteground Background

Siteground was founded in 2004 and has been providing superior services since the time they started. Siteground is owned by one person and never changes that is why with the passage of time they have improved their service quality and popularity.

Siteground is recommended by WordPress officially on due to its high-performance servers and security. Siteground also provides you the option to choose your data center location while signing up for them. This means they provide the fast user experience when loading the website due to nearby data centers.

Hostgator Background

Hostgator was founded in 2002 by a student and became the number one domain and hosting provider in 2006. In 2012 it was acquired by the EIG group who stretches the services of HostGator to the next level.

In 2012 same year it was attacked by hackers and stole the credit cards of 50000+ customers and also affected thousands of clients’ websites, Files and configuration. In 2013 they went out of services that affected the business of thousands of clients.

Siteground vs Hostgator – Verdict

Hostgator is owned and operated by the EIG group which is the owner of many big companies like Bluehost, eHost, FatCow, Justhost. As they are operating different companies at a time they have faced downtime many times.
On the other hand, Siteground is owned by a single person who is improving and providing quality services since the time they started. They never faced downtime and security issues. So I think in this Siteground is the Winner

Siteground Speed and uptime

Siteground is considered incredibly fast as they are using the fastest tools ( NGINX servers, PHP 7, SSDs, Cloudflare, HTTP/2 ) to boost the performance of the client websites. I am using it personally and many of my clients are using it and their website speed is way better than any other hosting. We are a team of developers and have developed hundreds of websites for different clients all over the world. As web developers, we have used 100’s of hosting but no one stands near the Siteground. We are testing and managing clients’ websites who are using the Siteground, their load time is only 1sec which is incredibly fast. A low-speed website can decrease your conversion rate to an insane level; having the fastest speed is better for your business to grow online. You will get a free SSL certificate with any plan you are using which gives your website an extra layer of security and also it is better for your website ranking in search engines.
If we talk about the uptime Siteground has the 99.99% uptime this means you will never face website downtime. Uptime is very important for your reputation and customers’ experience.

Hostgator Speed and uptime

As I mentioned before, Hostgator is owned by the EIG group which is responsible for many other companies providing the lowest cost services to the client. But most of the clients reported they charge extra for any other services related to hosting like backups and security. Recently few of our clients canceled their service with Hostgator as they were charging way extra than they listed. Their pricing starts to increase when the renewal dates come up. When it comes to speed, Hostgator loses the battle against the Siteground. They are providing the best services in their shared hosting like Unlimited storage, Free SSL, unlimited bandwidth and lots of other features but their speed makes them down.

HostGator has improved itself a lot over the last few years, according to our test the uptime was about 99.95% which is good. But you can face downtime sometime without any notice which can make you frustrated.

Siteground vs Hostgator – Speed and Uptime verdict

Speed and uptime are the most important part of any hosting as they are responsible for your reputation and users’ experience. In this case, Siteground has the better speed and uptime as compared to the Hostgator. So for speed and uptime Siteground is the winner.

Siteground Pricing and Plans

Siteground comes up with different plans and pricing to choose from so that you could get the best for your website and make it online

Here are the Sitegrounds Pricing and Plans

  1. Shared web Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting
  5. Enterprise Hosting

Siteground Pricing and Plans

Shared Web Hosting Pricing

Shared web hosting is considered as the cheap hosting plans. If you want to start your website as low as possible this plan is for you. Siteground has the three shared hosting Plans

  1. Startup: $3.95/month
  2. Growbig: $5.95/month
  3. GoGeek: $11.95/month

These pricing plans are special for those who purchase the yearly plans or for two years the regular price starts from $11.95. All of these plans have some difference and similarities which are listed below



  1.  Free SSL Certificate: SSL certificate is very important when it comes to ranking and user trust. With Siteground you will get it free
  2. Cpanel Dashboard: Cpanel Dashboard is considered as the backbone of any hosting as from here you will be able to manage and edit your website files form the backend.
  3. Backup: Having a backup is very important as it can save your lot of time and money when something happens to your website
  4. Free WordPress: Get free WordPress installation and updates from the Siteground.
  5. Support: Get priority support 24/7 from the Siteground whenever you ran into any technical problem.


Startup: In this plan, you will able to host one website with with 10GB Storage
Growbig: You can host unlimited websites with 20GB storage
GoGeek: Unlimited websites with 30GB Storage

WordPress Hosting Plans

This plan is similar to the basic shared hosting plan from pricing to the features you will get through the Siteground. But What’s the reason it is created as a separate plan. It is because this plan is especially for those who want to start their website on WordPress as it comes up with super cool features that make it easy to manage and run. According to Siteground, it is their best plan.

Wordpress Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting Pricing

Cloud hosting is for those who want to have more power and sustainability when shared hosting is unable to handle. Cloud hosting plans of the Siteground start from $80/month to $240?month. All the plans and pricing are listed below.

Cloud Hosting Pricing

Reseller Hosting Plans

If you are planning to start your own web hosting business this plan is for you. It starts from $11.95 with tons of features to make your business efforts easy.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Enterprise Hosting

If you have different needs and specifications and you need the server as per your requirements. Siteground has the answer for you just contact them and tell them your specifications they will get it done for you.

Hostgator Pricing and Plans

Hostgator is very reliable when it comes to pricing and plans, it comes up with 6 different plans and pricing to choose from. It has a low pricing structure as compared to the Siteground. Here is a list of HostGator plans.

  1. Share Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. WordPress Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting
  6. Dedicated Hosting

Hostgator Pricing and Plans

Shared Hosting Pricing

Shared hosting is one of the lowest pricing hosting on Hostgator with limited features and resources. But still, if you have a small business or just starting out it is a better bet. Shared hosting means many people like you are using the single resource to run their website so there are chances of downtime if you get more traffic towards your website.

Shared hosting of the Hostgator consist of following Plans

  1. Hatchling: $2.75/mo,
  2. Baby: $3.95/mo,
  3. Business : $5.95/mo

This pricing plan looks promising but when you renew you have to pay the following prices.

  1. Hatchling Renewal: $6.95 per month
  2. Baby Renewal: $9.95 per month
  3. Business Renewal: $14.95 per month


With these plans, you will get

  • unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Backup


  • 1 Domain with Hatchling Plan
  • Unlimited Domain usage With Baby Plan
  • Unlimited Domain usage and Free Dedicated IP With Business Plan

Shared Hosting Pricing

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting makes your website more stable, fast and versatile and it never goes down. Cloud hosting consists of different Virtual servers so if somehow one went down another server will take over. This type of hosting is used by most eCommerce store owners or website owners who are receiving millions of traffic on their website.

Hostgator consists of the following 3 different cloud hosting plans.

  1. Hatchling plan: $4.95/month it includes a free domain, SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and you can use one website
  2. Baby plan: $6.57/month, it includes a free domain, SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and you can use unlimited  websites
  3. Business plan: $9.95, it includes a free domain, SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and you can use unlimited websites you will also get premium SEO Tools.

Cloud Hosting

WordPress Hosting Pricing

If you are a wordpress lover this plan is for you, you might be thinking what is wordpress hosting? It is specially created for wordpress you just need to click one button and it will make it ready for you. Later on you can login and change the content and images. WordPress hosting increases the performance of the wordpress website like Speed, security, ease of use and functionality.

  • Starter: $5.95/month, it includes one website and free SSL Certificate
  • Standard: $7.95month, it includes two websites and free SSL Certificate
  • Business: $9.95/month, it includes three websites and free SSL Certificate

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is kind of shared hosting but with less user and more reliable and fast it comes up with following pricing and plans

  • Snappy 2000: $29.95/month, It includes 2GB RAM, 120GB Storage and 1.5TB bandwidth.
  • Snappy 4000:  $39.95/month, It includes 4GB  RAM, 165GB Storage and 2TB bandwidth.
  • Snappy 8000: $49.95/month , It includes  8GB RAM, 240GB Storage and 3TB bandwidth, and extra core CPUs

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated is one the fastest and for those who have tons of visitors per month. It has following pricing and plans.

  1. Value Server: $119.00/month, it includes 4 CPU, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD and unmetered Bandwidth
  2. Power Server: $139.00/month, it includes 6 CPU, 16GB RAM, 2TB HD or 512 SSD and unmetered Bandwidth
  3. Value Server: $149.00/month, it includes 8 CPU, 30GB RAM, 1TB SSD and unmetered Bandwidth

Reseller Hosting

Want to sell hosting to your clients and need some reliable and cheap providers than consider the hostgator your best mate.
It has three pricing plans mentioned below

  • Aluminium Plan: $19.95/month. It includes 60 GB Storage, 600 GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Domain and free SSL
  • Copper  Plan: $24.95/month. It includes 90 GB Storage, 900 GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Domain and free SSL
  • Silver Plan: $24.95/month. It includes 140 GB Storage, 1400 GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Domain and free SSL

Reseller Hosting

Siteground Vs Hostgator Pricing Verdict

Pricing is very important as it can increase the burden of monthly expenses on your business so it is very important to choose affordable hosting if you have a very low budget. We have discussed the siteground vs hostgator pricing in detail so that you could make better decisions when it comes to pricing. Here is the pricing summary of the Siteground vs Hostgator

As you can see, the hostgator is best for pricing. It has low pricing with tons of features. So for pricing the winner is Hostgator

Features and Ease of Use

Both Hostgator and siteground are rich in features, both of them contain tons of tools and features to enhance the performance and user experience. Hostgator and siteground are equally easy to use and manage. You will also be able to find tons of video guides and community support online as both of them are old and famous hosting providers.

Siteground vs Hostgator – Ease of use Verdict

As we can see both of them have the same type of features and are also easy to use so we can say it’s a tie.


Support is very crucial

I have used the hostgator personally for many of my projects and later on I have to switch to the other hosting. The reason was their support. We faced a problem of malware in our server and I was using the shared hosting. I contacted them that there is malware in the hosting and I need cleanup. I waited 3-4 days to get the answer and finally they replied They said this malware is caused by the other user who was using the shared hosting. They suggested upgrading the package or hiring a third party malware removing company. But the other company was asking $1000 for cleanup which was way higher than my budget. So I switched the hostgator with another hosting.

First I’m trying to say here is their delay in response through tickets , and if you do live chat you have to wait at least 4-5 hours to chat with the agent. No one has that much time to wait for the agent. Other things are security, their security system was not that much effective to prevent malwares.

On the other hand Siteground has the best security we never ever faced the virus/malware problem. They have a live chat option where you can chat with the agent in minutes if you are facing any problem or you are having any technical difficulties.

Siteground vs Hostgator – Support – The Winner

Siteground is best when it comes to support, you can chat with your agent in minutes for support tickets and you will get a response within a few hours. Even if you are migrating your website to siteground they can do the migration for you for the free of cost. For the support Siteground is the Winner.

Siteground vs Hostgator Summary

Speed Winner – Siteground
Uptime Winner – Siteground
Security Winner – Siteground
Pricing Winner – Hostgtaor
Features and Ease of Use winner – TIE
Support Winner – Siteground

Siteground vs Hostgator – Conclusion

For security, uptime, speed and support the siteground is better than the HostGator. If you are looking for a reliable and hassle free hosting siteground is the best option for you.
But if you need affordable hosting Hostgator is the way to go as they have proming pricing and packages than business can afford.

Siteground Vs Hostgator – FAQs

Here are the frequently asked question regarding the two giant hosting

Siteground vs hostgator for WordPress?

If you are a WordPress fan and want to create your website in WordPress the siteground is the best option for you.The siteground is officially recommended by WordPress itself. Not only this siteground provides more security, optimization, functional features than Hostgator.

Siteground vs hostgator Cloud Hosting?

For features, security and uptime I would recommend the siteground but if you are looking for an affordable option, hostgator is the way to go.

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