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You know why most of the businesses failed after spending thousands of dollars on their website that’s because they choose the amature so-called SEO Consultant. No Doubt you will get ranking but for some time.

Why klbproduction

Most SEO consultants use the black hat techniques to rank the website but in the long run, websites get penalties from search engines which results in deindexing and you will lose everything overnight.

Google is getting smarter day by day and its algorithm is changing with the passage of time and it is impossible to cheat Google. So one should be aware of google latest updates to get on the first page of Google.

Imagine the benefits of being at the TOP of your competitors and at the 1st spot? This will increase traffic to your website which results in more customers and revenue.

According to research, more than 80% of the people search for the products and services on google. If your business is not on the first page of google you are going to lose lots of potential clients who are seeking your services and products.

Now the question is how you can get on the TOP of Google when there is a lot of competition and restriction. That is where our expert SEO consultant with over 10 years of experience in the industry can help you to accelerate your website ranking. We dig deep into your business and services and find the most profitable and targeted keywords for maximum leads. We use our own on-page and off-page techniques which boosts your website ranking in no time.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google and ahead of their competitors with changing SEO trends and algorithms we work hard to achieve the results you need.

SEO Audit

SEO audit is the best way to know flaws and holes in your websites. If you are already working on your website and spending time and time but still it is not ranking when you have the better UI and authority. The SEO audit can help you to know more about your website and the mistakes which can definitely boost your ranking and help you to gain more conversion leads and revenue.

We are providing the Free SEO Audit you can fill the form here to get the free evaluation of your website. Before we start working with anyone our SEO Consultant does the comprehensive website Audit to find the error and issues the website is facing.

Here is what our SEO Consultants do

  1.  Address the problem and issues your website is facing and solve them
  2. Find the weaknesses of the websites
  3. The website UI and speed is considered as the most important part of the SEO audit
  4. We make the changes that need to be made
  5. Analyze the competitors
  6. Do professional keyword research for targeted leads.
  7. And much more

Penalty Recovery

Penalty from the leading search engines can ruin the business of any person overnight. If your traffic is dropped suddenly it means google manual or algorithm updates hit your website. This is mostly because of using spam links and black hat methods to rank the website.

If you are in the same position and don’t know what to do? Then it’s time to hire our SEO consultant. We will help you to recover your website from a penalty within no time.

Most people start to panic when they get the penalty and start doing things without knowing the actual reason for the penalty. And they make things worse than before. We do complete research on your website and create an action plan to remove the penalty instantly.

On-Site & Off-Site SEO

On-site and off-site are the two most important pillars of SEO. I can say that the whole SEO games revolve around on-site and off-site SEO. if you are not doing both of them properly you are not going to get ranked.

Our SEO consultant makes sure that your website is properly optimized for on-site SEO. Most of the SEO consultants ignore the importance of on-site SEO but they don’t without proper on-site SEO you will never be able to get ranked on the leading search engines. Google has its own criteria of optimizing the website for on-page SEO. Here is what our SEO Experts do.

  1. Optimizing the Content
  2. Meta Tags
  3. Mets Description
  4. Images Optimization
  5. Interlinking
  6. Heading and Taglines
  7. User-friendly Design

For the off-page SEO we use the most advanced techniques to build high-quality links for your website. We use the most relevant and authority backlinks for any website. Off-page SEO is the most important factor when it comes to ranking you can consider it as the magnets that link the websites together. This gives the signal to the search about the importance of the piece of the content you have on your website. We do a lot of link Outreach which is the most effective and difficult way to build links. But in order to give our clients Quality work and ranking on the first page of Google, we work hard to build authority backlinks.

Keyword Research

Keywords are considered as the integral part of SEO. We think the whole web revolves around the keywords. No matter how beautiful your website is and optimized for on-site and offsite SEO but not targeting the right audience it is just a waste.
Our expert SEO Consultant investigate deeply and find the most profitable and right keywords for your products and services. We make sure that your website is properly optimized for the right keywords so that you could get potential clients which in turn can increase your overall revenue.

Speed Optimization

In the top 100 factors of google ranking websites speed is also considered as the ranking factor. Google analyzes your website for speed and can affect your ranking if the speed is low. Low speed can increase the bounce rate which means you are going to lose the ranking.
We optimize your website for speed and make sure it loads faster and users can browse your website without any wait time.

Redesign for Conversion Optimization

Most of the clients come to say they are getting a good amount of traffic and also ranking for some keywords but getting no sales and leads. There might be many factors but the main factor is your website. If your website is not optimized for the conversion you are going to lose lots of money on the table.

Our SEO consultant and Web designers work together to make your website highly conversion oriented by changing the UI so that you could get more customers through your website.

Content Writer

We have an in-house team of content writers to help you to write the engaging content for your website. Our writers are experts in their fields and can assist you in creating the content for your Blog for more comments, product descriptions, and service-based articles.

And yes the articles are properly optimized for SEO and we integrate the keywords in a natural and professional way that can definitely boost your ranking on search engines.

Here are some other services we are Providing

Here are some other services we are providing to boost your online business

Paid advertising & PPC Consulting

If you need quick exposure and quick leads/clients paid advertising is one of the ways. Our PPc consultants are experts in their field that they can help you to achieve your goals within your budget. We optimize your ad campaign to the insane level to get maximum ROI. This will decrease your PPC cost and give you the best result.

Website designing

We are pro in website designing and developing, we can help you to create professional and industry-standard websites as per your requirements. We have vast experience in creating custom websites and WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. We can help you to create the cutting edge and visually appealing websites to fulfill your needs.

WordPress SEO

We are not only WordPress consultants in creating WordPress websites but we are also specialists in doing SEO for your WordPress website. WordPress is one of the best CMS of its kind as it is useful when it comes to SEO. Our SEO Consultants can assist in optimizing your website for SEO and increase the performance.

eCommerce SEO

Depending on the paid advertisement is not enough for your marketing needs. As it can increase your expense with very little revenue. So our SEO Consultant suggests eCommerce SEO which is the best way to get potential and targeted clients looking for your products. This will help you to minimize the advertisement cost and increase revenue.

Social Media Marketing

We have an inhouse team of social media marketing. We can help you to grow your social account to an insane level. Our well-versed marketer has already grown the social presence of hundreds of clients. Social media plays a vital role when it comes to marketing and generating leads and we are experts in our field. You will feel the difference after hiring our social media managers.

Frequently Asked Question Regarding SEO Consultant

Here are a few questions asked by different clients.

Why work with klbproduction
We are a team of 20 people expert in their fields. We deliver results that will increase your revenue, brand awareness, more leads, more conversion, and high ROI. No matter what you need, you wank rank locally? Or in the whole world, we can help.

We don’t promise for the fast ranking just like other SEO gurus misleads, we execute the right strategy and right planning to give you the long-lasting results.

What is SEO ?
SEO is the need of anyone who is in the online business. With the help of proper SEO, you can get thousands of clients without any cost. That is what we do, our SEO consultants are aware of the latest Google trends and updates and have ranked many clients’ websites and they can do the same for you.
Over the years people have started to realize the importance of SEO as it is an important part of marketing. It can help you to get more sales and revenue without any advertisement cost.
How much it will take to show results
As a digital marketing agency, the question we receive the most is How much time it will take to get ranked on the first page of Google. Actually the SEO is a process and it takes time to build. After starting working with us you will surely start seeing results for low difficulty keywords and in a few months you will surely start seeing results for the higher difficulty keywords and in 6-7 months you will be ranked for the most of your keywords.
Can you help me with local SEO?
You know 80% of the people search on google to search for the local services. This where you can target them and make them your customers. But How? Don’t worry we are here to help you. We will optimize your website and local listing properly and rank you on the TOP of Google. No matter what business you are in, our expert SEO consultants can rank you with their in-depth knowledge of SEO.

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