Affordable SEO services for small businesses

We are providing the best and affordable SEO services for small businesses, helping you to get a better rank on search engines using our advanced SEO techniques and practices.

Affordable SEO services for small businesses

Best and Affordable SEO Services for Small businesses

We are KLBPRODUCTION providing professional and affordable SEO services for small businesses. You are here but you don’t know how to perform SEO and get on the top of your competitors. Our unique approach to SEO can definitely boost your ranking on the SERP giving you the opportunity to have more clients and leads.

Our Expert SEO specialists are aware of the latest updates and algorithms of Google and other search engines, so we make sure best practices are applied on your website.

We don’t just provide affordable SEO services for small businesses but also the long term results. Our SEO consultants use their latest tactics and techniques to give you the best SEO result. We optimize your website for speed, responsiveness, and user experience to get the higher ranking and this is what Google likes the most.

Why you need SEO services

If someone is facing any problem or they need something, it could be service, product or food they search on Google. Google shows the most relevant results on the first page and they click on it to get the information they need.

From here you can assume if your website was on the first page of google and they visited your website where you listed your services and have your contact information. You will get a potential client without spending any money on advertising.

Almost 90% of the people search on Google and other top search engines to find the products and services they need. You can see how much potential is there and how many more clients you can make online.

Our affordable SEO services for small business can get you on the TOP of search engines which in turn give you continuous flow of recurring customers.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

If you have a small marketing budget then SEO is the best way to market your business online and reach potential clients. We are providing the most affordable SEO services for small businesses and help you to get found on the search engines. Every business has different requirements and needs and each business needs different strategies and practices. So SEO services for small businesses, we offer a specially designed strategy to meet your criteria.

With our specifically designed SEO services for small businesses, we can help you to achieve the results you want to see. We believe in teamwork so we will collaborate with you and your team to know more about your company and services so that we could target the right audience and keywords.

Our affordable SEO services are specifically designed for those wants to get more organic customers and higher ranking in search engines without spending much money. We are providing cost-effective SEO services for small businesses that you will not find anywhere in the market.

Our Process of SEO Services for Small Business

We work in a unique and better way than anyone else in the market, Here are the steps we do SEO for small businesses

Keyword Research

Keywords Research

Keywords are search terms that are most important as they give the direction to the search engines about the content and services you are providing. You can keywords or search terms are the foundation of SEO because they are helping the search engines to know about your products and services. We do professional and comprehensive research for finding the right and profitable keywords that people are searching for to find your products and services.

technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a very important step in SEO and we take it very seriously. As the whole search engine crawling depends on the technical SEO. if your website is not being crawled properly the SEO efforts will not generate the results you need. So while providing the affordable SEO services for small businesses we make sure your website is optimized for technical SEO so that search engines could crawl and index it.
on page SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is also called on-site SEO, in this step we optimize your website to make search engines understand your content and service you’re providing. From optimizing your content for heading Tags, ( H1, H2, H3), Images alt tags, meta description, meta tags to set up title and URLs for proper on-page SEO. We do all the best practices to improve your visibility in the SERP results.
website audit

Website Audit

If you are already putting efforts on your website but seeing no results it means your website is lacking the crucial SEO modifications. We will analyze your website and will find out what is stopping your website from getting ranked. You can say it is the initial step of SEO where we will find out the holes technical problems your website is facing.

In this step, we will also analyze the competitors and create a complete strategy plan to outrank them. A website audit is a long process because during the process each and every step needs to be checked carefully. This analysis will help to find out the issues that need to remove or repair to improve the ranking in search results.

Klbproduction SEO services

Off-page SEO

You can refer to the link building for your website Relevant links from the authority website help search engines how valuable is your content and website. We provide high quality and relevant backlink building services to our clients. Off-page SEO is the most technical and time-consuming process as it takes a lot of time and effort to build quality and niche relevant backlinks. The importance of backlinks can never be ignored because quality backlinks give authority to your website which in turn results in a higher ranking on search engines.

Only on-page SEO is not enough for your website because with just on-page SEO you will end up getting only a few spots but with off-page SEO you will be at the top of your competitors. Our package for affordable SEO services for small business also includes link building for your website.

We use industry-standard and proven techniques to provide you the high-quality backlinks for your website related to your services and products. We do everything from creating social profiles, forum backlinks, web 2.0 and guest posting on relevant websites for HQ backlinks.

SEO optimized website

SEO Website Design

SEO and websites go hand to hand, most of the businesses ignore the importance of the website but they don’t know how it can affect their ranking on search engines.

We don’t just provide affordable SEO services for small businesses we also help you in restructuring and designing your website to make it more SEO friendly. We have top-notch experts in WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and custom coded website

In 2015 Google announced mobile responsiveness as the ranking factor and more than 80% of the people use their mobile phones to visit your website. If your website is lacking the mobile responsive ability you are losing lots of customers.

From optimizing your website for mobile and making it fast we got you covered. We make sure there is nothing left which could cause a decline in your ranking.

content development

Content Development

We have an in-house team of content writers to write and publish content on your website related to your products and services. Most of the companies and agencies will charge your tons of $$ for writing content on your website. AS we are providing affordable SEO services for small businesses we make sure everything is done within the monthly package we are providing you.
SEO services

We Talk about results

Instead of telling you the false stories and keeping you busy in other stuff that is not even related to SEO we talk about the real result and work. As soon as you hire us for SEO services for small businesses we start working on your website immediately and show you the result in no time.
SEO reports


We will not just tell you about how many visitors we have gained and how many keywords and pages are getting ranked, But we will also tell you about the behavior of your visitor like where they are clicking and the area they are interested in. We will show you the complete insight regarding visitors and their interest so that you could improve your product and services for generating more revenue.
Klbproduction SEO services

Communication and Support

Communication We consider communication and support as an important factor to maintain long term relations with clients. While providing you the most affordable SEO services for small business we will be communicating and providing you the support 24/7 so that you could run your online business with peace of mind.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions asked by different clients.

Does SEO work for small businesses?
Yes, it definitely works for small businesses, if you are a small business owner and want to get more and more customers locally SEO is the best option. Our affordable SEO services for small businesses are specially designed for SMB owners to get on the TOP of your competitors.
How can a small business improve SEO?
If you are already working and putting efforts on your website and Google my business but still getting no result you need someone professional to help you to audit your website and provide you the actionable tips and tricks to get better rank on search engines. You can contact us here for a complete website audit.
Over the years people have started to realize the importance of SEO as it is an important part of marketing. It can help you to get more sales and revenue without any advertisement cost.
How much does SEO cost per month?
It depends and varies from website to website and business to business because every business has different needs and requirements. If your business is competitive it can cost you more money and time. If you are still confused you can check our package for SEO services for small businesses.
What does SEO do for a business?
Every business needs more customers and leads to make consistent profits. SEO is an online marketing gateway and it can help you to potential clients looking for your products and services

Need more customers? Sales? Leads? conversions? And looking for affordable SEO services for small businesses? Get in touch today and get the top spot in SERP.